Welcome To Westport!

The dumpster has squatted in Parker Harding Plaza so long, most Westporters don’t even think about it.

But visitors heading to Starbucks or the back entrance to Main Street stores get this as one of their 1st impressions of downtown:

And if that’s not enough, 50 yards away there’s a 2nd one.

Even grosser than this.

23 responses to “Welcome To Westport!

  1. And the rats that come out at dusk and scurry around are really a sight. Who is responsible for these dumpsters, anyway? Is it the DMA or the town?

  2. Ellen Wentworth

    They have been there as long as I can remember and that is over 15 yrs!

  3. Every other commercial property owner has to provide storage for their refuse on their own property, but the Downtown Merchants gets the Town to give them valuable parking spaces for their refuse storage,.

  4. i find it easier just to dump my garbage over the wall into the saugatuck river and let the tide take it out.

  5. And you wonder why those trains keep passing right by Westport…. Well, here’s your answer!

  6. The gargbage should be dumped on the beach along with all of the dog droppings, or transported to Winslow Park which has the same odor and ambiance.

  7. I thought the downtown merchants/realtors were putting all their junk at Barron’s South.

  8. And what is the Downtown Merchant’s Association doing about it?

  9. Why should I pick up my dog’s poop? I pay taxes. And I’m not going to step in it. I know where to walk. Whenever my Poopsie poops, I search for flying seagulls and slowly walk away. I heard someone has a telephoto lens and is recording my Poopsie pooping, then will publish it in a collection of “Compo Beach Sh!t Heads” photos for the holidays. Smile!

    • “Compo Beach Sh!t Heads” … FUNNY! Dan, if we supply pics, will you post them?
      Personally, my dog loves to go to the beach to point seagulls, but I cannot believe the amount of dog owners that do not pick up after their dog(s). I’m the first to tell them to clean up after them and hope others speak up too. Also, the fine should be raised as $77 isn’t enough!
      See all of you and your beach lovin’ dogs on Monday — the first day of “Dogs allowed back on the beach!” WOOF!

  10. Downtown Association wants new sidewalks, etc but has never cleaned the dumpster area in years !! Parker Harding Plaza has always been somewhat of a disgrace.

  11. That’s Icky!

  12. Would someone frm the DMA please comment? This is a good group of people and they deserve a chance to respond to the question.



  14. Come on people, lighten up. With Westport’s reputation, most visitors probably think it’s a modern art sculpture.

  15. your reputation? westport has one?

  16. Philip Millstein

    Good for you, Dan, for bringing this up. I do the same thing here in Princeton. Take care, Phil Millstein

  17. Dump it in front of Town Hall or Gordon’s house.

  18. I thought it was another pop-out restaurant.

    • that is very funny. i’m sure if you dove into one of those dumpsters there would be enough food in them to feed a small town in africa.

  19. This comes up periodically but there never seems to be a solution. Here is a crazy idea. What if the pass through by Aqua were closed and it became a common garbage collection place instead of the astro turf lined chain link fencing structure that takes up several parking spots. I realize that would mean that pedestrians would have to walk through stores to get to Main St. (benefitting them with more foot traffic in their space) or walk around via the Post Road but something has got to change with this garbage issue.