Olga Adler Has Designs On Westport

Olga Adler is an award-winning interior designer. Born in Poland, raised in Europe and a traveler to more than 40 countries on 4 continents, she’s got an eclectic, global style of homes and offices that endears her to clients.

But even though Olga — who came to the US 9 years ago, at 28 — enjoyed living and working in Ridgefield, she felt “land-locked.” The lure of the shore was strong.

Olga Adler

So she and her husband, William, decided to move. The stars were aligned: Very quickly they met the right realtor, and the right house came on the market. In August they moved into a handsome house on Saugatuck Island.

Her new studio — at 179 Post Road West — is not far away.

For William — a 1970 Staples graduate, whose parents still live in Weston — it’s a homecoming of sorts.

For Olga, it’s a show of faith. It’s not easy moving onto your husband’s old stomping grounds. But she loves it.

“It’s really fun,” she says of her first weeks in town. “Wherever we go, William knows people. We have interesting conversations about Westport now and then. It’s very exciting.”

It’s exciting too to become part of the community. Olga is a longtime supporter of Project Return. She designed several birdhouses for their auctions, and is helping with next month’s Gather ‘Round the Table luncheon.

In Ridgefield Olga supported A Better Chance. She looks forward to working with Westport’s chapter soon.

An Olga Adler living room.

Olga has long admired Westport’s restaurants, and its coastal ambience. Now, she says, some of that shoreline influence is showing up in her work.

“Living on the water definitely affects my creative sensibilities,” she notes.
“I’m designing my own home as a beach house, with all that texture, color and light.”

It may take a while, though, to complete that particular project.

“My clients come first,” Olga says. “Eventually, I’ll get our house done.”

Spoken like a true Westporter.

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  1. I wonder if her rates are reasonable.

  2. First Oaxaca, now Olga….a slow week for Dan? Good free PR for them, but then again, you take your chances with the commenters chiming in.

  3. Sank T. Monious

    I went to high school with Olga’s husband. There was never anything slow about him and look at what he brought home to show Mama!!!!! Unbelievable!!!!!!