Westport’s In The Little League World Series. Sort Of.

As Westporters follow Fairfield’s run through the Little League World Series, we can take some pride — a teeny, tiny bit — in reflected glory.

ESPN host Chris McKendry lives in Westport. She’s married to Eduardo Andrade, president of the Westport Library (and a Westport Little League coach). Their son Drew — a Little Leaguer — is entering 2nd grade.

Fairfield’s squad was trained by Westport resident Mike Porzio, owner of The Clubhouse in Fairfield. His son Michael is also a Little Leaguer (rising 3rd grader).

Okay, Westport’s not really in Williamsport. But some of us are close.

4 responses to “Westport’s In The Little League World Series. Sort Of.

  1. We’re excited here in Sonoma county. Our Petaluma team is still in the game. At least for now. Win or lose, these kids are having the time of their young lives.

  2. Fairfield takes on Petaluma in an elimination game tonight (Tuesday) at 8pm on ESPN2.Should be a good game.

  3. John McCarthy

    Watching the Petaluma game now. I think the dad of Fairfield right fielder, Hemry Prestegaard, graduated from Staples with one of my brothers in 84 or 85

  4. Petaluma won. Kudos to Fairfield for getting that far, but Westport had a great group of 11s this year, so here’s hoping it’s our turn next year!