Fajitas And Fumes

Cuatro Hermanos means “four brothers.”

Perhaps this is where they hold summer business meetings, almost in Saugatuck Avenue.

(Photo by Dave Matlow)

Either that, or it’s the latest evidence that you really can have popup seating anywhere these days.

15 responses to “Fajitas And Fumes

  1. Looks like the perfect spot for me, Ed, Bob and Tim to have lunch together sometime!

  2. WESTPORT resident

    The sister restaurant, same owner, is on the same row of stores with FRESH MARKET on the Post Road called XENIA. The fumes are not an issue at XENIA.

  3. Fajitas and Fumé Blanc is more like it

  4. At least it isn’t in the middle of a parking lot or IN thr street like afew other restaurants!!

    • And, at least they are not using PUBLIC property for a PERMANENT “pop up”. It is shameful that the Town has given away parking spots in Harder-Parking and on Bay Street so that two restaurants could benefit.

  5. LT Westporter

    Xenia closed a month ago unfortunately.

  6. I like it. It looks old school, like in the Bronx. Big decisions may occur in such a setting.

  7. Eric Buchroeder

    Water Closet thinks its nobody’s business what they do but hers.

  8. Tony Soprano eats there. Go Eric — you make me laugh have to say in a good way. Somehow it’s not mean spirited from you — just heartfelt debate. I’m sure Eric should get a spin-off blog from Dan’s – he has a lot to say.

  9. Eric Buchroeder

    Thanks anon2. It’s a dog’s life but at least I can go without needing a Water Closet.