Westport’s Greatest Mansion

Government is sometimes the problem.

Sometimes, it’s the solution.

Yesterday, I posted a short piece on the unkempt condition of the strip between Bridge Street and Mansion Clam House.

Early this morning, Mansion owner Soozi Folsom commented:

Mansion maintained the property from 2007-2010 when we were sent a cease and desist letter. Apparently the state was worried we would claim adverse possession.

Last year the state mowed every week. This year I had to beg the bridge workers to cut it. I call State DOT maintenance every week and beg for it to be maintained. I have had no luck.

Westporters resigned themselves to months more of mess.

But wait!

Soozi just posted this addendum:

After posting I again called the State DOT and asked for the supervisor. We spoke at length, and he could think of 2 reasons for a cease and desist.

1) There was bridge work and they didn’t want the liability

2) I quote: “Someone had an irritating hair up their ass.” He verbally revoked any order, and we came to an agreement. His crew and their big ass mowers will take care of the parcel later this week to get it manageable.

We (Mansion) will then commit to maintaining weekly. Onward and upward!

Yay, smart supervisor at DOT!

Double-yay, for Soozi and the Mansion Clam House!!

One more reason to love Westport — and to celebrate with a beer at the Mansion bar.

Westport’s latest heroes.

11 responses to “Westport’s Greatest Mansion

  1. Babette d'Yveine

    That’s why I always ask for the person at the top. It never fails to work.

  2. As a token of appreciation, I’ll be dining at Mansion Clam House later this week. I urge y’all to do the same.

    Hat tips to Soozi!

  3. And I would say three cheers and hat tips for our guy Dan!!! I love how you inspire Westport citizens to act. I look forward to seeing the much improved spot near Mansion.

  4. Nice work, Soozi. You and the Mansion are the rocks on which Saugatuck is founded.

  5. Hooray for Soozi Folsom!

  6. Way to go! Mansion is one of the best Old Westport dining places. Good food, reasonable prices, friendly staff.

  7. I’ll be eating at Mansion this week !!!

  8. I’m gonna go more often. It’s the best. And they display the flag correctly. Blue with stars on the upper left as seen from the street. Well done…suits your name “Mansion.”. 🙂

  9. Is this the same Soozi Folsom who stole $1.3 million from charities? Shame on yoo, and your ridiculous name, Soozi.

  10. Embezzling all that money, she no longer needs my business at the Mansion!

  11. Sick of Hippocrates

    Nice article which once again shows how some individuals in Westport have poor judgement and support people who are not morally or ethically sound. Soozi Folsom is an embezzler but you assumed she was great because Why????? Poor judgement on your part, once again…thats why.