Not Our Finest Moments

An alert (and relatively new)Β  reader writes:

I really enjoy “06880.” I love seeing slices of Westport I otherwise would not.

I liked the sweet articles of late about the beach, especially because I had 2 really negative experiences the past couple of days.

First, I was walking near the beach, with 2 friend and 3 dogs. In general I find people very friendly down by the beach, happy to see people out and about. Drivers are usually patient about sharing the road with people and dogs.

Yesterday, a car behind us honked 4 times. We thought it was someone we knew saying hello.

Nope. It was an older woman (blue BMW), outraged, throwing her arms in the air and yelling how rude we were.

There was no traffic, and plenty of room to pass us. Nasty woman with road rage.

Can’t we all just chill, and enjoy the beach?

The 2nd incident was at Longshore — a truly appalling scene.

Parks & Rec wonderfully employs a special needs gentleman to take garbage from tables and pick up the grounds. A sweet man.

He is a little bit zealous, and may at times try to clean up tables while people are still eating. A simple “we’re not quite finished yet,” and he walks away to another area, then comes back later.

A woman went up to the girls working at Joey’s and complained for 5 minutes, while her kids (13 and 10-ish) stood next to her. She was up in arms that this man should ruin her meal, make her feel rushed and uncomfortable.

The young girl from Joey’s told her she would need to speak to someone at Parks & Rec to complain.

Afterwards, I went up to the window and asked if people often complain about the man. She said “never!”

What a teachable moment to have with your kids. Instead she showed them intolerance, unkindness, and just plain meanness.

I spoke to other moms in the area. They were all equally appalled that this woman would complain, instead of showing humanity.

Thankfully these moments are few and far between.

PS: I would love to publicly thank the kind couple on Soundview who leave clean water out for dogs, every day.

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  1. Westporter Since '03

    Dan: I also have enjoyed your recent “beach” features… I think the beach is a very special place in Westport, and is part of what makes our town so unique and magical.

    Like your reader, I am appalled at the bad behavior demonstrated at times here in Westport. I had a similar situation happen last summer where I was driving along Hillspoint towards Positano. There was a gentleman riding his bike (who I know, who happens to have lost one arm in an accident) and it was right on the blind curve; therefore, not safe for me to pass him (had an unseeable car come from the other direction, I’d be forced to run into the bike rider).

    A woman in a large white SUV is snarling at my bumper, honking and urging me to pass him, which I was not about to do. As soon as we got the the straightaway, she blew past me, illegally passing me on a double yellow road.

    But since I believe in karma, I know she’ll get what is due to her somewhere “down the road.”

    Thankfully, I am more often touched by the kindness and helpfulness of Westporters: just last night, I was packing up to leave the beach and could NOT figure out how to fold my brand-new beach chair. Two separate people left their blankets to come to my aid (one with directions in-hand for the same chair)…

    And once again, I am reassured that goodness is alive and well in Westport πŸ™‚

    PS. BTW, for the record: the couple on Soundview ARE the kindest, most generous folks you could ever know.

    • You are correct not to pass on a blind curve, and 90+% of people do understand that. But I have to add one note on this. You say, “Had an unseeable car come from the other direction I’d be forced to run into the bike rider.” NO NO NO and HELL NO!

      You would be forced to hit the other car!!! You and the other driver are wearing seatbelts and are surrounded by countless inflatable safety devices. You are cocooned in 2000 or 3000 pounds of steel. The cyclist is riding a piece of aluminum or plastic that weighs about the same as two gallons of milk. He is sheathed in a layer of colorful high tech fabric which is useless against anything stronger than a light breeze. He is wearing a wee piece of plastic on his head. If you can’t stop and your choice is crash into another car or kill a cyclist, the choice should be pretty obvious: hit the car.

      • I think the poster meant react and hit the bicycle not deliberately turn into him. But you are correct.
        Same is true in the Army… If you are alone in a vehicle and a mother and child run into the road, you take it into the ditch. If filled with soldiers, you don’t even hit the brakes.

  2. Those folks who leave water for the dogs on Soundview don’t even have a dog. But they said that they noticed many dogs needing a drink and there was no place for them to go, do they put out the water bowl. And they freshen the water periodically.
    Some “regular dogs” now drag their masters over each time they pass.
    There’s lots of great caring individuals here in idyllic Westport. But it’s only the wackos who seem to raise enough ruckus to stand out and put poison in the mix. Part of the human experience, I guess. πŸ˜‰

    • Daisy Mae-Wrigley-Winston-Lady-Pup-Cheeka-Lucky-Bella-Emma-Buddy & a few =^..^= s

      Thank you for being so thoughtful! See you soon!

  3. How wonderful.

    I will have to take a walk down Soundview some time.

    Bark, Bark. πŸ™‚

  4. You sound nice…

    See ya at Sundown on Soundview.

    Drinks on me.

    Arf Arf. I’ll wink πŸ˜‰

  5. Of course you can always call Parks and Rec Nd say what a food job
    This guy does. People too often complain and too seldom compliment.

    • 06880 is the best place to compliment or suggest. All the town leadership reads it to listen to the pulse of Westport.
      We should do away with “complain” and substitute “SUGGEST.” So much nicer.

  6. We love walking at the beach, but there is a suggestion I’d like to make. While passing people on the sidewalk, everyone should move over and make room for one other. It just a little thing to avoid knocking into someone or pushing them into the road. πŸ™‚

    • YES Terry!
      It is such a little thing, one would hope it would NEVER be observed, much less have to be mentioned. They are the “insensitives,” too self absorbed to be courteous. When I’m Mayor, these people, along with the no poop picker uppers, will be photographed and posted to the Town Website, with a “Suggest Something” blog run by Danny. Watch how fast behavior changes. That’s just for starters!