Hail To The Chief: Obama Fundraiser Here August 6

The Westport News reports that President Obama will be in Westport August 6, for a fundraiser.

Harvey Weinstein will host the affair, at his Beachside Avenue estate.

Then the president is off to Stamford.

Tickets there are $500 each.

Here in Westport:  $35,800 a pop.

My birthday is not until March. Early gifts are always welcome.

Welcome to Westport

89 responses to “Hail To The Chief: Obama Fundraiser Here August 6

  1. Pass.

  2. Michelle is coming here for lunch.
    For $1000 we get to have lunch.
    For $2500 we get our photo taken with Michelle.
    Love her.
    Love him.
    Making a salad at home and sending our monthly $25.

  3. Thankfully I’ll be out of town that day!!

  4. Joseph Delano

    You mean: ‘HAIL TO THE FUNDRAISER IN CHIEF’ don’t you?

  5. Amen, JD

  6. Why doesn’t Harvey just donate $1,000,000 himself, like Bill Maher.

  7. Jack Whittle

    Not feeling the love, such as it might exist. Double-pass myself.

  8. SERIOUS …………….. he needs to stay in the white house and start being a real president……….. Harvey should stick to hollywood , and stop eating so much!!!!!!

  9. Save your money, he’s done. We have an easy choice in November, a proven success in Romney against a proven failure in Obama.

    • You’re a comedian, right?
      I was hoping to never have to reveal my utter disdain for all things Republican on “06880,” but it looks like there’s some balancing out to do.

    • Here here. Well said!

  10. Blows off the NAACP but can find time for Harvey and his hollywood pals. Totally clueless. He is responsible for all the small business that have been created.

    • Yup!, but if he’s going to take credit for all the businesses he created, then he deserves all the credit for all his failures too and this economy.
      However, in his mind he believes Bush deserves credit for that?!

      Maybe he’ll get a couple of rounds of golf in at Longshore after his fundraising. You almost have be thankful he golfs and vacations as much as he does, can you image the extent of his damage if he was in the Oval Office more?!

      Never thought I’d say it: God I miss Clinton!

  11. It is very exciting that the President is coming to Westport and Stamford. If anyone is interested in attending either event they can contact jezzes@westportdemocrats.org.

    • “exciting”, that’s the best you can do to describe this socialist fraud?!
      Jim, you sound like a twelve year old tween talking about One Direction.

      Thankfully we only have less than 4 months until we tell him adios!!

  12. Enjoy, Dan!

    You can watch Mr. Obama lecture Harvey on all the movies the government produced.

    Our president is insulting to anyone who has ever taken risk to build a business and create jobs.

    I hope traffic is not completely screwed up when he is here.

    • If ever there was a comment completely distorted by the political opposition, it was that one by Obama. And I she you’re continuing the trend.

  13. Sarah Wunsch

    We in Massachusetts know mitt Romney well. Stands for nothing except now cutting taxes for the richest. Flip flopper supreme. And runs away from his model romneycare. Old ideas now as from bush II. Remember what that gave us.

    • Well you from Massachusetts may know Romney, but WE in the U.S. (all ’57 states’) know this loser all too well and what he has done to this country in 3 years and what he’s trying to do to it in the next 4!

      At this point I’d vote a yard gnome over what we have!

      November 6th, the end of an error.

  14. Mary Ruggiero

    One basic question – who pays for all the security coverage and traffic patrols????

  15. You know, after I cleaned all the spittle off the monitor, I realized the President is black, and that many people in American still don’t like black people. Racism is our country’s original sin. Many of these “informed” political comments reflect that.

    On just about every policy (domestic, foreign, etc…), Obama is to the right of Ronald Reagan (yes, the great St, Ronnie). So, either all those Obama haters are just really wingers looking for a more rightward turn in American political life (any farther right, and we’ll be teaching goosestepping in the schools), or racists who can’t see past the color of his skin. Or worse, both.

    • This could quite possibly be the most asinine comment I have ever seen on Dan’s blog. Holy smokes! I hope I never have to meet you in whatever conspiracy theory world you live in.

      Tell me, WHAT has President Obama ever done for small businesses and corporations? You know.. The ones that employ hundreds of thousands of people, keep the economy going, and also give back to the community.

      He thinks the government can do so much better with hand outs and corrupt policies? I’m sick of this fantasy land where people think big government is the answer. How did that work out for Carter?

      Also, it’s hysterical that Obama continues to bash the rich and upper class but will gladly take their wasteful dollars. It’s blood money, I guess. WESTPORT IS PAYING for all of the ridiculous nonsense in Washington – we are hurting, thanks to this President and the President before him.

      I do not necessarily endorse Romney but at least he has experience in the private sector, and he can bring a new perspective. Obama is a clueless cod about business operations (lawyer and community manager — give me a break)


      • Since when is “at least he has experience in the private sector” automatically an attribute? It’s what Romney actually DID in the private sector that’s a problem.

        • Westport Convert

          I’d be happy to answer your questions when you answer mine RE: Hussein Obama.

  16. What a simplistic statement about people who disagree with the President’s philosophy and economic policies. Perhaps it’s JUST??? the economy…

    • You’ll have to explain to me the difference in Romney’s and Obama’s economic policies. They appear to be identical – the only difference seems to be which crooks they will give the plum jobs to, and how quickly they will cede our sovereignty to the Fortune 100.

      Romney is a white guy who looks the part – other than that, he’s an empty suit. That is the feature (not a bug) of his candidacy/nomination. Even his most ardent supporters know that. And, as a perfect example of “we get the leaders we deserve,” that may be enough for him to win.

  17. Almost 50% of whites voted for obama, and much more in CT, and 98% of blacks voted for obama, for many it was the first time they voted.
    So you tell me again who is racist?!

    Another little fact for you, Condoleezza Rice is by far the number one choice for vice-president among republicans.

    It ain’t the color, it’s the man!!

    P.S. And how would explain all those who voted for him in ’08, but won’t in ’12? Did they not realize he was the first black president, was that not mentioned then?!

  18. “…some of my best friends…”

    Yes, you’re right it is all about the man, since as far as the economy and the forever wars go, Romney and Obama are virtually identical. So why the Obama hate? hmmmm.

  19. Aww, let’s give this Kenyan-American man a break.

    • If it weren’t for breaks this affirmative action president wouldn’t be where he is, hence his celebrating those who accomplish or contribute nothing at the expense of those who do.

      Community organizer = shakedown artist

      • You did notice that he actually ran in an 18-month campaign against many veteran politicians and lifted himself from virtual unknown to the top because he distinguished himself in the debates and in interviews, did you not, or were you sleeping through that?
        As to “affirmative action,” we understand that legacy guys Bush and Romney are beneficiaries of the kind of affirmative action Westporters approve of.

  20. From the bipartisan WikiDifference. I’ll take business over law any day…

    “While Mitt Romney came from a political background, Barack Obama had no such advantage. Mitt Romney was the youngest child of George W. Romney, who served as a Governor of Michigan and a prominent member of the society in his time. He is also a descendant of a genealogically interconnected political family sometimes known as the Pratt–Romneys. And yet, Barack Obama had no such political background. Also, Mitt Romney possesses a notable business background whereas Barack Obama has a legal background. Mitt Romney co-founded Bain Capital which went on to become one of the most successive and the largest of its kind in the country. He also turned around the fate of the extremely unsuccessful Winter Olympics in 2002 as the head of the Salt Lake Organizing Committee and made it to be one of the most successful and the most profitable events of all time. Perhaps, it is because of this reason that Mitt Romney has an effective recovery plan for America which covers 59 very relevant points and a large area of the subject matter whereas Barack Obama seems to possess no such plan. Yet, Barack Obama possesses an extensive knowledge regarding law as he not only practiced as a civil rights attorney, he also taught law at the University of Chicago Law School as a lecturer whereas Mitt Romney does not display such expertise on the field of law.”

    ALSO, for all of those crying foul about RomneyCare. Read: http://www.swingstatevoter.com/p/differences-between-romneycare-and.html

    • Thanks, but if any rational and intelligent person thinks obama is/was qualified and Romney’s not…well there’s no reasoning with such a person.

      Best part is, obama gave us our best showing in the House during the mid terms in a 100 years and that was just a warm up to the shellacking that’s coming in November!
      So for that, and that only, I appreciate him.

  21. Sheylah Flinn

    1-20-13…the end of an error!!!!!! Mickey Mouse could figure it out better than this loser!

    • Romney is cut from the same cloth as the other Wall Street Suits.

      We have seen this time and time again. Wake up people.

      Think for one second he can relate to the man on the street?

      I’d like some of what you are smoking.

      • Unaffiliated

        Get your pot from Obama.
        Based on 06880 comments alone, Romney will win in a landslide. This is a very Democratic voting town.

      • “Think for one second he can relate to the man on the street?”

        And Obama CAN?! Did he not just state, last week, that every success you have seen or know of is thanks solely to the government?

        Give me a break. He doesn’t look out for small businesses any more than Romney can relate to the working class. And without our business owners, this country would be screwed. But you can thank Obama for all of that — he said so.

  22. Old and Grey

    Now to the important point. Who’s gonna pay for the security? Rich Harvey or the poor taxed souls of Westport? BTW this post was about the visit and as usual turned into a schoolyard back and forth. But I forgot…that’s what free speech is all about…nobody ever said it had to be nice.

  23. Obama needs to beg rich people for money so he can go back to DC and raise the poverty rate.

  24. OBAMA 2013 ....PLEASE!

    I hope the intellectual masses will realize, while neither man is who I would hope for president, Obama is the least of the two evils! This does not say much for our country, but this is who we have to select from. Pathetic.

    But, I far more fear Romney in office.

    • The “intellectual masses” will be voting for Romney. Obama will again get 95% of the stupid vote. There is no sound, rational, fact based argument for another four years of Obama’s failed policies. In over his head is putting it mildly. No executive experience, no governing experience, no business experience… why is anyone surprised that he’s failed? 2008 was a victory for style over substance.

      • ROMNEY.....NO WAY.

        Let’s meet here again in January to celebrate 4 more years of Obama, as that is what we will be seeing. Get over yourself .

        Romney and Corzine and all their Wall Street cronies can go enjoy each other’s company as they all try to invent their next MF Global like scheme.

        • Corzine is a Democrat, Obama said that Corzine was his “go to man” on the economy. See how that has worked out.

          • Unaffiliated

            Yea Corzine…Holder will let him slide with the other Democratic felons pardoned by Democrats. Dirt Bags.

          • Hahaha! I cannot believe how easy that was. Thanks for pointing that out about Corzine. Some people are just clueless and brain dead.

            Obama declared his love for Corzine several times, prior to the scandal. Now? Forget it. He won’t even utter his name..

            But, you keep tossing us softballs to hit out of the park “NO WAY”. Nice job. Shows how much you know your guy.

  25. West porter since 1970

    Romney has let Obama define him. He has no chance if he is going to remain passive, no matter how incompetent Obama is. He has to show his tax returns. He has to reveal his plans for our recovery.

  26. You want to know the difference between obama and Romney?
    It’s how they each view America, Obama thinks the post office is the buisness model we should strive for, Romney believes its Apple.

  27. Oh P L E A S E, since when is it ok to check your civility at the door?

    Just as we survived the Bush years, you too will survive Obama’s. Get over it and move on.

  28. Richard Lawrence Stein

    I am an independent so I lob mud at both sides…. I find democratic intellectualism and their brainiac eliticism annoying and off putting…. I find the conservative pro gun, non choice, anti gay, and let’s knock down education even more troubling….

    But let’s be honest no one… Absolutely NO ONE is QUALIFIED to be POTUS!!! It is a job you run for but once you get there you are thrust into situations, areas, and places no one has ever dealt with… You learn on the fly… Common sense you wish could prevail but if it’s not your point of view they are wrong… All Presidents raise funds as do contenders’…. It’s all part of the game… I recall Bush doing a lot of fundraising as well as other politicians… So let’s just call it as it… And not be fooling the fact that they both do it

    • Quit being a pussy RLS and pick a side!
      It’s either obama or America, can’t be both!

      • Richard Lawrence Stein

        If you knew me you would know I am far from a pussy… I don’t need to pick a side… I like bits and pieces… There is no platform or single party that is perfect…. I’ll let folks like yourself pick the contender and then vote who I think can lead.

    • And for the record RLS, I don’t recall the other side giving billions to political donors in the name of ‘clean energy subsidies’ or as many Excutive Orders circumventing Congress and the Constitution or Bush’s ‘go to man’ on the economy absconding with a $1,500,000,000. illegally with investor’s money like Democrat Jon Corzine did with MF Global or give 2,000 automatic weapons to Mexican drug cartels without any tracking and have them kill hundreds or Bush’s Attorney General being held in contempt, or creat an ‘enemies list’ (other than Nixon) and the list goes on and on and…

      But please correct me if I’m wrong.

      • Richard Lawrence Stein

        Let’s see there is gov. Rowland former mayor of Waterbury you mentioned Nixon…. Cheney is as shady as they get…. There are plenty of bad apples…. I also don’t give presidents credit for economies… They are cyclical and have a life of their own.

      • Richard Lawrenc Stein

        One name DICK CHENEY!!!

  29. Westport Convert

    RLS, I do have to say that while I am in general agreement with you, that is just too easy of an excuse and feels like a cheap cop-out. Say what you want about Romney politically and socially, but he has extensive experience in both government and private sector. Especially compared to Obama.

    If you simply put Obama’s credentials prior to the presidency next to Romney’s, it is not even close. Does this mean Romney is the better guy? No. Neither are good choices. But to me, it is evident that Obama was not prepared for his role and all that came with it.

    1.) Fast and Furious
    2.) Iran
    3.) Solyndra
    4.) Obamacare


    • Richard Lawrence Stein

      I would not vote for Romney…. And if you are going to run you have to be transparent… Not showing your financial records is total bs…. Romney is hiding something Let alone… His days at Baine

      • RLS you’re a hypocrite and your bias is showing.
        After all the millions obama paid to keep all of his records secret, you won’t vote Romney ’cause he won’t release all his tax returns.
        That’s what is important to you?! That’s what it comes down to for you to vote for a candidate?!
        If so, then you sure as hell can’t vote for that empty suit hiding behind his lawyers to keep all his secrets!!

        • Richard Lawrence Stein

          All presidents hide behind privilege at one point or another…. The simple fact about Romney is he is a puppet… And the fact that such fat fat wallets have given obscene money bothers me… The truth of the matter no president can achieve anything in 4 years… The term should be six and done…

  30. RLS, no one has received more money than obama, ever! And most of that camr from Wall Street, so again, if that’s a voting issue for you, then obama isn’t your man.

    I hear what your saying and I agree with you, however you’re making up excuses and apologies so you can continue to vote for obama.

    I’d have more respect for you if you just said, “I’m voting for obama” without finding lame excuses to dismiss Romney when Obama has done the same thing times a hundred.

    Doesn’t matter, obama’s gone in 106 days and counting 🙂

    • Westporter4Ever

      OBAMA in 2013, it shall be.
      Good or bad, there is no better option to be found.
      You’d better add many more days to your inaccurate calendar.


    • Richard Lawrence Stein

      If there was a better alternative to Romney like Bloomberg or someone I respected then it would be a difficult choice… I have casted a ballot in every election that I have been allowed too, but I have found Obama to be more than adequate. That might also be that I found bush to be a total imbecel and moron. I did not like anything about his presidency except that he was a great gold mine of humor and that he was a very fit minded man.

      • RLS, earlier you claimed to be an “independent”, but I knew that was bullshit and called you out on it; And I was RIGHT!

        • Richard Lawrence Stein

          I am totally independent… An independent thinker… I think party politics suck… I think trying to pigeon hole me is stupid… I think there for I am… So put that in your biased pipe and smoke it… And yes I think pot should be legal… And smoking should be held accountable for the problems it has caused… I also think guns are fine, but with serious limitations and scrutiny. I still never said I was voting for either a no vote is just as damning

        • RLS is a typical Westport Democrat; hypocritical and intolerant.

          • Agreed. RLS is the epitome of pathetic politics.

            • Richard Lawrenc Stein

              Actually Anon I don’t know how i missed this….I am “the epitome of pathetic politics” Two words for you and its not “Thank you”, and its not, “HOLD ME”, and and other words of endearment….. I am very passionate about politics…. I am also like many sick and tired of the bull crap that is presented to us…and the posturing and the lack of civility…and so many other things….I vote… that equals I care…Pathetic no… Politics is pathetic… or at least it has become pathetic….. but then of course I like Bill Maher and Jon Stewart…while you cheer on the likes of fox and Fat Bag of win Rush…and that other ass I can’t think of his name….. and by the way I like Shays, and Arnold, and Bloomberg, and McCain…. many others who actually think and discuss IDEAS….

          • Richard Lawrence Stein

            Whatever….. I think both parties have issues… and put your name on it so we can have an honest disscussion… don’t hide….you are right I am intolerant of stupid things or that seems dumb to me… I have very mixed positions…..

            • Names? So you can make ad hominem arguments? The validity of an argument is not a function of who advances it.

              Your intolerance and and affinity for ad hominem arguments are both characteristics shared by the political class. What was it Pogo said?

              • “We have seen the enemy and it is us”.
                RLS has shown his true colors and he speaks out of both sides of his mouth.

                Worse part is, he’s like the vast majority of libs; they actually believe the b.s. they say, regardless of how inconsistent or hypocritical it is.

                In their mind it all makes sense, no matter what their guy does, no matter how many flip flops and 180’s, they’ll justify it and stick by their guy.
                Their Idealogs.

                • “Their Idealogs.” That’s cute.
                  And someone is calling another candidate a flip flopper while Mitt Romney is in the race? That’s hilarious.
                  Notice how the people talking about intolerance and ad hominem attacks are intolerant and make ad hominem attacks.

  31. Old and Grey

    Ho hum