Taking Abbie Hoffman Literally

Westport’s finest had a busy day.

First, after a 2-hour pursuit they nabbed a man and woman accused of trying to fraudulently withdraw (aka “steal”) money.

The scene of the crime.

Soon they were on another case. Barnes & Noble reported 2 suspects stealing “large quantities of books,” and fleeing on foot.

The cops nailed the perps. They found the vehicle: a Jaguar with Georgia plates. Inside were $868 worth of books.

First, I congratulate the cops for their quick — and very effective — work.

Second, I’m impressed that thieves in Westport drive Jaguars.

Third, as an author I’m delighted that people come here to steal books.

I guess we’re still an artists’ colony after all.

11 responses to “Taking Abbie Hoffman Literally

  1. Growing up in Brooklyn and Queens a family friend , who happened to be a high school principal in one of the less desirable neighborhoods, once told me not to worry about leaving books in my car…..kids may steal contents of the parked cars at the school…but they don’t steal books!!! How different things are in Westport…then again, seems like a wave of crime going on or am I just a worrier?

  2. Kind of unbelievable that thieves would be driving a Jaguar, but maybe they were having problems making the payments on the car. Georgia plates? They come to Westport to steal books? Good grief.

  3. Westport Convert

    Or it was a stolen car.


  4. Babette d'Yveine

    They should have waited until Saturday. They could get books for $1 at the Library book sale, and not get arrested.

    • Babette, love your sense of humor 🙂

    • Who would want moldy old books??

      • lovebooksale

        Moldy..NOT. Old moldy books are thrown out. Some are books culled from the library stacks, and many are unread donations from the public. We would not have lines of book vendors crawling over each other on Saturday morning if the books were old and moldy.

  5. hopefully the judge throws the book at them

  6. “Book ’em,” Danno !!!

  7. The headline has me wondering …where there ever any Abbie Hoffman sightings in Westport? He was in New York and he was in New Haven (I saw him there). Wonder if he ever stopped in town.