Don’t Bank On It

A 2-hour hunt — involving Westport police, state troopers and dogs — ended in the arrest of a man and woman following an attempted larceny at the Citibank across from Sherwood Diner today.

The suspects attempted to withdraw money from an account that had insufficient funds.

Perhaps Citibank needs to hire the same sunglass-wearing security dudes posted in front of Bank of America.

Or not. The rent-a-cops are there only part time.

You don’t have to be Jesse James to see them at one branch, and move on to the next.

3 responses to “Don’t Bank On It

  1. A commuter, who loves westport.

    Good for them for catching the guy. I am relieved. I drove home to find the blocked off police parameter– its pretty disconcerting to know some-one is on the run, some-where near your back-yard.

  2. VetDoc@Compo

    Nice job Westport police.
    Way to go.
    You guys and gals are so under- appreciated.

    Thank you for your fine service.

  3. Westport Convert

    Bravo, Westport PD. Job well done.