Business Casual

Like many Westporters, I “do” a lot of meetings.

Like many Westporters without an actual “office,” I “do” them at the usual places: Starbucks, Barnes & Noble, the library.

Two weeks ago though, someone asked to meet at the Compo Beach brick pavilion, next to Joey’s by the Shore.

Last Sunday morning, someone else scheduled a meeting for the beach. This time it was the other pavilion, by the volleyball courts.

Both meetings were wonderful. Breezes blew, birds chirped — and stuff got done.

I can definitely get into this new meeting spot.

And you can’t beat the dress code.

A wonderful place for many things — including meetings. (Painting by Matthew Levine)

6 responses to “Business Casual

  1. Great idea. Beats Starbucks. 🙂

  2. Lucky!

  3. Do you have to show up in swim suits?

  4. Sounds (pun intended) like fun. But don’t bring your computer or iPad – those light breezes waft fine sand particles into the machines – gumming up the works. But for “face time,” they’re great meetup spots

  5. What a great idea!!!!!!!!

    Love that!!!