New Flood Zone

This afternoon’s severe thunderstorm brought much-needed rain, cooler temperatures, scattered power outages — and an instant flood in Saugatuck.

This was the scene on Charles Street next to the old Jasmine Restaurant, and in the commuter parking lot adjacent to Luciano Park.

Seconds after I drove away, emergency personnel were racing to the scene.

4 responses to “New Flood Zone

  1. Send some of that out west to So Cal!

  2. Glad I wasn’t charging my electric car today.

  3. Helpful hints for driving thru flood waters:

    Drive slowly to avoid serious damage to your engine! largely due to wet ignition systems.

    After driving thru, test your brakes. If they are too wet you will notice a reduced effect. Carefully apply enough pressure (while moving) to warm the discs (or Drums) to dry the linings, otherwise they may not “hold” if needed for a quick stop!

    If the flood waters are tidal (salty) it is a good to avoid entry, if possible, or be sure to rinse the undercarriage and body with fresh water. Salt water invites rust, and/or corrosion.

    • One More:

      Don’t forget to change th fluid in your differentials (front and rear) if you have them!