Andy’s Still Missing…

…but now the most famous Welsh corgi on the planet has mobile posters searching for him too.

Andy disappeared on New Year’s. It’s been over 6 months. In dog years, that’s even longer.

But Andy’s owners and their many friends keep hope alive.

24 responses to “Andy’s Still Missing…

  1. Litterbugs.
    A valiant effort, but enough already.

  2. I’m betting they find him.

  3. I’m still convinced this is some sort of marketing scam … Others have followed too …

  4. Loser

  5. God forbid any of us should lose some thing (or somebody) so loved, that we would go to the ends of the Earth to recover. So it’s a Corgie and not a lost pearl of great value or worse yet, a skier in the Alps (horrible). But this little creature brought joy to these people and became part of their lives. Why shouldn’t we show, at least some compassion and patience for their feelings? This “loser” talk and “enough already” business is rather depressing, but not surprising. I say, “Enough already to you, my friend. Enough, dear loser. Enough.” I, for one, look forward to the day when we see “FOUND!” plastered on all those posters and will happily toast a cheer!

    • To Clarify: The Losers are the ones that feel:

      A valiant effort, but enough already”


      “I’m still convinced this is some sort of marketing scam … Others have followed too …”

      I have faith that Andy will be returned to his owners someday soon!

  6. This is about smart people with resources who have had the ultimate nightmare for a pet owner, losing their pet. It’s not the ultimate loss for a human being, it’s all relative, as they say. But still, I feel sorry for these people and hope that the dog gets found or at least is OK somewhere. It’s more likely that it has been killed by some of the various predatory wildlife that still exist in Westport. No judgements here, I just feel sorry for the dog and the owners.

  7. My baby dog, Maya, will be 11 in December. I assure you, I’d be going crazy if this happened to our family. My kids would never forgive me for not trying hard to find her. I am hoping, along with this family, that someone finds this dog. I hope they’ve checked the Wilton, Weston, Norwalk, Westport, Fairfield, New Canaan animal control. They should also check the shelters in their own area. The book The Incredible Journey was a favorite of mine as a kid that chronicled a journey of beloved pets finding their way back home after being lost while away from home. It took them many months to get home… but they did it.

  8. Oh yeah, wrecker (whoever you are), you’re a piece of work.

    Susan Feliciano

  9. ENOUGH ALREADY WITH THIS DOG….doesn’t anyone question why he ran away and has not returned. There has got to be a problem there. Dogs make it cross the country to return to families they love.

    More than that, the rudeness and lack of concern for others demonstrated by posting hundreds of those ugly posters for months around Fairfield, Norwalk , Westport and more is offensive. I like dogs, love my pet, but I do not impose him on others. Whats with self-absorbed dog owners in this area?

    The dog is gone…it’s either been adopted by a family he is not running away from or has more likely been eaten by the animals in this area.

    It’s over…clean up the posters and move on!

  10. As a dog lover, and we are, believe me, we’ve had many, and consider ourselves within the “obsessed” category, it’s well past time to put Andy to the Rainbow Bridge. As awful as it is, it’s been how long now? 7 months? I don’t think it’s cruel to say to these people, ENOUGH with the posters and the marketing campaign. It was valiant. He was probably eaten by Coyotes or some other animal. It’s awful, yes. Terrible. As a dog lover I am compassionate. But as a realist, enough already. Seriously. It’s getting cult-like. If Andy came back it would be a 60 Minutes story for sure, but that’s about 99.999% not going to happen. Move on.

  11. Westport Convert

    I just read a story about a dog and his owner reuniting after….get this…TWELVE years. So while it’s not impossible that the Corgi might one day be reunited, I do feel it’s time for the search party to just reign it in a little.

    There was a new “Andy Missing” sign tacked to an old, beloved oak tree on our PRIVATE street in Westport a few weeks ago. It stayed up for about an hour and was gone after that.


    • I bet YOU tore it down…….Jerk.

      • Westport Convert

        You have anger issues. You need to slow down, take a breath, and relax. I did not tear down the sign, but I should have. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it because I am such a dog lover.

        That being said, hastily nailing signs onto private property is not the best way to gain community support. How about slipping a flyer in our mailbox instead? Why hammer a bunch of nails into a tree?

        It’s common sense. Plain and simple.


  12. To all of you Non-Believers………Andy has been sighted as recently as JUNE 11, 2012.

    The theory is he has turned Feral and is evading attemts to Trap him.

    Please stop tearing down the snew signs!

    • Just Asking More

      With the thousands of dollars of video equipment that they have had set up in the “hot zones” for 7 months, they have not gotten one image of Andy. These sightings that you mention are merely someone saying they saw a Corgi (again no photos) and a search dog confirming that the scent was Andy.

      I would need more evidence before I would contribute money to this search.

      • Westport Convert

        Exactly. I am all for the search, provided they can do it in a respectful way and use some common sense. That’s all.

  13. “new”

    Thought this might be helpful for people to read these stories. Dogs can return years after being gone. Dogs are an amazing force of nature in their loyalty and love of their families and friends. Why don’t the doubters here bring out their inner dog and act in kind to this suffering family. Just support them and forget the rest. Clearly, they’re still suffering and why not think the best of them instead of thinking this is some marketing scam or complaining about how their efforts to find their dog are somehow inconveniencing your life in Westport. I would do anything to find my dogs if they went missing and wouldn’t give up.

  15. He fell thru the ice! Look at the date he was determined missing! Take the posters down and move on! Fireworks spooked him and he ran away!