Whole Foods Helps

If you’ve ever tried to solicit donations (funds, raffle items, you name it) from a national chain for a local event, you know it’s not easy. The only thing tougher is asking them to please stop air-conditioning all of Main Street in the middle of a heat wave.

Which is why it’s nice to report that Whole Foods is going against the grain.

They own over 300 natural and organic markets nationwide, but the Westport and Fairfield stores are empowered enough to support a special event tomorrow (Tuesday, June 26). All day long, 5% of all sales will be donated to the Westport Farmers’ Market.

That’s even more impressive because, in a way, Whole Foods and the farmers’ market compete for the same customers.

And it puts a smile on the faces of farmers’ market volunteers. This winter they trooped up and down Main Street and the Post Road, looking for help for their fundraising gala.

Not one national chain said yes.

9 responses to “Whole Foods Helps


    How about a regional chain? Fairway Market, which is owned by Sterling Investment Partners in Westport, has generously helped the Westport Fire Department, Police Department, Spin Odyssey and several other charitable organizations throughout the town and state. Not to mention, sponsoring the American Flags on the Ruth Steinkraus Cohen Memorial Bridge.

  2. Angela McKelvey

    Yes, but are they unionized?

  3. Sustaina-Silliness

    Perhaps the Westport Farmers’ Market is not as sustainable as they need to be.

  4. I clicked on the link to the Farmers Market after reading your piece. I see Eileen Fisher there as a sponsor – that’s one national company supporting, right?

    • Eileen Fisher did sponsor a shopping day (like Whole Foods). They did not sign on as a gala sponsor, however. They have 54 stores in 18 states.

  5. Richard Lawrence Stein

    Interesting so LULULEMON was noway not namaste