It Was So Hot…

Sure, I could post a photo of the Bank of America sign, showing it was 527 degrees today downtown.

Or a shot of someone’s car dashboard, registering temperatures in four digits.

I’d rather run this one. Lynne Openshaw captured today perfectly.  Scores of sweltering people, patiently waiting for the Holy Grail: the Longshore pool.

4 responses to “It Was So Hot…

  1. The line could have moved much more quickly if Longshore employees weren’t required to take the extra time to manually record handpass numbers after scanning them. Why bother to automate the system if a handwritten record is still required? In close to 100 degree weather, cutting the time in half would have been greatly appreciated by those sweltering in the heat.

  2. Dan, did you get a chance to take a glance at stores on Main Street? I hope all the doors are not wide open, thus wasting the A/C blast.

  3. Kirsten Woods

    The Y was open as a cooling center- shouldn’t Longshore have been as well?