Today’s Traffic Report

An alert “06880” reader writes:

Is it just me, or has traffic in Westport increased exponentially over the last few months?

I used to limit my driving on the Post Road after 5 p.m., but now it doesn’t matter where I drive or at what time. It’s always backed up.

Wilton Road, Compo Road, Green’s Farms Road, Easton Road, Main Street — you name it, there’s traffic. What’s going on?

I’m not sure. While eastbound traffic often backs up on the Post Road between Trader Joe’s and Imperial Avenue, I haven’t noticed an increase on those other major roads.

But “06880” readers are the experts. Click “Comments” to add your observations. And be sure to mention if you’re responding by cellphone, while stuck somewhere in non-moving traffic!

New Delhi today. Westport tomorrow?

22 responses to “Today’s Traffic Report

  1. I live in Westport for 42 years, yes I do see more traffic but nothing to be troubled about. NYC traffic we don’t have but the mornings and commuter times do create more traffic in our town. John G. Lambros

  2. Been in town for over 10 years and there is certainly more traffic around than when i moved here.

    Still cannot figure out why we don’t have a no left turn policy on the Post Road during rush hour.

  3. Weston mom

    I always notice an uptick in traffic when the college kids come home for the summer. I’ve certainly taken note of it the past couple weeks.

  4. Weston Mom is right, I think. I’ve always noticed increased traffic in late spring. I thought it was visitors from NYC, but college kids make sense, too.


    Just wait until the new “house of worship” is built on Ludlow Road and paradise (people’s homes) are turned into a parking lot on Lincoln Street. Even if its not in your neighborhood, it’s time to speak up, because yours could be next!

    • yes parking is a problem for the new deli at the corner or post road and route 33

  6. don bergmann

    We’ve had a number of incidents on I-95 that have created some major traffic along Greens Farms Rd. and the Post Road. The 2020 Committee will most likely include in its “downtown” recommendations an effort to divert drivers away from always heading through on the Post Road, i.e. better to turn right on Myrtle or left on Imperial, with the same for those entering from the Steinkraus Bridge. Other areas requiring attention are the additional cars from the Inn at National Hall changes to office space and I do not think we need a parking garage at the RR station. The work of the newly established Transit System Comm. should gain the support of all.
    Don Bergmann

    • What’s good for the downtown real estate owners is perhaps not so good for the rest of us. Traffic downtown is what you get when you change zoning laws … to you know… increase traffic downtown. It’s not even an unintended consequence.

  7. Westport Convert

    Early June always shows an increase in traffic. College kids home for the summer, City folk in town, and various parties/functions/graduations/etc. These are all contributing factors.

    While a lot of it is out of our control, I believe some of our woes could be solved by the state and town reviewing stoplights at major interesections (How about a green left arrow at the downtown intersection of Wilton Rd. and Post Rd???)

  8. Fred Cantor

    Well, I would like to commend a major improvement at one intersection–Compo/Bridge Street/Greens Farms Road–which I believe was done after some kind of traffic study. They changed the traffic lanes heading east from Bridge Street by inserting a left-turn-only lane, added a left-turn signal there, and shortened the traffic light wait time in each direction It’s much better.

    • You are correct. The timing of the light and the left turn light from Bridge St. onto South Compo have noticeably improved that intersection.

      The volume of morning traffic on Greens Farms Road/Bridge St due to I-95 congestion is very high, though, compared to past years. And I-95 congestion has risen incredibly.

      Noise abatement structures such as residential neighborhoods in Darien, Fairfield, and Greenwich enjoy should be under consideration.

      • Not sure I agree with you about lining our stretch of 95 with traffic-noise walls, but in late afternoon Greens Farms Road eastbound has been backing up at the Sherwood Island Connector like never before. I wonder if there’s a 95 app that commuters are now using to route them through town…
        On the bright side, maybe it’s a sign that our economy is improving and more people actually have jobs to go to!

  9. The intersection of Rt 1 and Rt 33 has got to be one of the worst intersections around. Coming south, there is only one lane, so the traffic gets incredibly backed up behind people trying to make a left. Not sure if there is a left turn light, but it’s irrelevant since there’s only one lane. The stop line is set well back of the intersection, but nobody abides by that since everyone inches out to make the quick left. Now coming from the west, if you want to make a left, good luck! First of all, the left turn light is only long enough for 2 cars (3 if you’re all quick). Second, half the time the intersection is partially blocked because of the folks coming south who have scooted well past the line. The only possible solution I could see is the town buying the empty properties on the west side of the street and widening 33. Part of the problem is that, as I’ve pointed out in the comments before, the Westport street grid is pretty badly designed, with lots of cul-de-sacs funneling all the traffic onto main streets.

  10. Ben Wilder

    It is all the winter folks returning from my place; Florida

  11. Blame it on declining gas prices @#$%^&!!!

  12. It’s all those blimey new yawkers…..

  13. take back roads ….. I do !

  14. Kirsten Woods

    The Post Road gets all jammed up between the Playhouse and Trader Joe’s- I personally think those lights are out of sync – there is a science to that.

  15. Jonas Shapiro

    It’s all Terrain’s fault.

  16. Luisa Francoeur

    There is a left turn arrow at the intersection of Rte 33 (Wilton Rd) and the Post Road – in each direction of travel. Problem is that drivers don’t pay attention and notice it.