Improved Terrain

Less than 2 weeks ago, Crescent Road was under siege. Overflow parking, trash and noise from the new Terrain was making life unbearable for residents of that once-quiet street looping peacefully behind the new store, from McDonald’s to the fire station.

Cliff Montagna wrote “06880.” Calmly but none-too-pleasedly, he stated his case.

Almost instantly, the police and Planning and Zoning went to work. Today, Cliff emailed this:

Just wanted to post an update on the very improved situation here on Crescent Road.

I understand Police Chief Dale Call had a discussion with the Terrain management team, and many of our safety concerns have been addressed. Big thanks to Chief Call for your help!

Our school bus can now get down Crescent Road. There is no more parking up and down the road or in our driveways.

I do think we should consider petitioning the P&Z to activate the 47 reserve parking spaces for this site.  There are 6 or 7 parking spots around back that are filled in with storage items and unable to be used, and the Terrain staff employs a valet parking system as the existing parking is just not adequate.  It’s a thought.

Thanks again, Dan.

Well, I’d like to take credit. But the praise goes to our police department, the folks at P&Z, and Terrain’s management.

Hey, Washington: Are you listening? This is the way government and the private sector are supposed to work.

It’s called “common sense.” And “cooperation.”

Calm reigns at Terrain.

12 responses to “Improved Terrain

  1. Babette d'Yveine

    Some day I may actually go there to see what it’s all about.

  2. Cherie Quain

    Dan, you should run for office

  3. A drive through Crescent last week revealed a lot of unsightly “garbage” at the westen end of the property. Is that gone, too?

  4. Where's the dude been?

    Complaining to blog – that gets read – is the best way to get things done in this town (and elsewhere). You no longer have to “fight city hall” – you just have to shame them a little.

  5. It pays to Speak Out – “the squeaky wheel……..” !!!

  6. Terrain needs to hire a police officer to direct traffic on the Post Road. As I was driving past the store on Sunday, the entire right lane was blocked with one car waiting to get into the lot and a second car trying to get out. While I’m
    at it, how ’bout no left turns from the parking lot? I don’t know who in their right mind would want to do that anyway, but they do.

  7. Crescent Road Resident

    While the parking situation may have improved, the speeding and increase in traffic (both car and delivery truck) has NOT.

    WPT police have done an amazing job of patrolling the street on the weekends, and we are grateful to them. However, a police car cannot permanently sit on our street. The only solution to this problem is to CLOSE the Terrain exit on Crescent.

  8. Lou Gagliano

    I believe the article prepared by Dan did in fact bring attention to the issue. It certainly reminded me that arterial traffic and safety considerations need to be part of any planning effort dealing with the downtown area.

    Lou Gagliano