“Connecticut: Still Revolutionary”

“Connecticut: Still Revolutionary” is our state’s new brand.

Doesn’t that just roll off your tongue?

Remember “I ♥ New York”? It’s only 4 syllables. Ours is 11!

And you thought Connecticut was a puny little state.

The good news: We only spent $500,000 on the logo and “other creative materials.”

Governor Malloy’s new tourism push — a $27 million, 2-year campaign involving TV, radio, billboards and social media (plus a website, ctvisit.com) — highlights Connecticut’s many attractions. They are, in case you forgot, our shoreline, hills, Mystic Aquarium, Essex Steam Train, Goodspeed Opera House, and — is this a great state our what? — 2 tribal casinos.

And you thought there was nothing to do in Connecticut!

In announcing the campaign yesterday, Governor Malloy also referenced a different type of revolution: the sexual one.

Not a big fan of the sexual revolution.

Yes! In Griswold v. Connecticut — a groundbreaking 1965 case — the Supreme Court struck down a law prohibiting the use of contraception. That paved the way, 8 years later, for Roe v. Wade. Which led, basically, to Rick Santorum being considered (well, by some people) a legit candidate for president of the United States.

You go, Land of Steady Habits!

As a loyal Westporter, I’m pissed the governor did not mention 2 local revolutions as he launched the campaign.

The Westport Country Playhouse revolutionized summer theater — and Broadway — when it opened in 1931.

And The Stepford Wives — set right here in Westport — revolutionized an entire generation of women when the book and movie came out in the 1970s.

For a few years — ever since the sexual revolution, actually — women had been asserting themselves in the workplace, at the voting booth, and in the bedroom.

Suddenly, though, Stepford Wives realized the importance of being submissive, docile housewives.

It’s taken a while, but now women are back on top. Thank you, 50 Shades of Grey.

You say you want a revolution…

14 responses to ““Connecticut: Still Revolutionary”

  1. Dan, the 1975 version of “The Stepford Wives” was filmed primarily in Darien, Westport and Fairfield – but also in other Western CT towns. The 2004 film was (more fittingly) shot in Darien and New Canaan. Not that any of this matters, but I was just surprised to see your claim of Westport being home to “The Stepford Wives.” Only kinda-sorta.

    As for the gov’s new ad campaign and tourism push, I rather like it. But then, I’ve always been big on revolutions.

  2. I see the flag of Austria on the new logo

  3. Miggs would have done it better and cheaper!

  4. My friends in Vienna will get a kick out of this new campaign and Connecticut’s “t” crossed by their beloved flagge!
    “Go Wein!” I mean, “Connecticut, you Rock!”
    Or something like that…

  5. Hey, I like it. I am a little bit revolutionary myself!

  6. Don Willmott

    It’s an improvement over the last slogan: “Better yet, Connecticut.” Wonder how much they paid for that one…

  7. David J. Loffredo

    How about “Place your bets, Connecticut” – an homage to both the casino business on the eastern side of the state, as well as the wall street business on the western side.

  8. Don’t you think: “Connecticut: The Tear Down State” would have a better rhythm to it – not to mention apt?

  9. Christine Kurpiel

    Not a fan. Anytime you have to include the word “still,” it’s usually not really “still” true. Why not just Revolutionary? Or anything else.

  10. Douglass Davidoff

    I’ve been wishing that Boston, or greater Bostoon/Cambridge, or Massachusetts, or New England as a region would adopt the slogan “Revolutionary Ideas Start Here” which was floated in 2009. I guess Connecticut has come close.
    See …

  11. Ha, I remember when they filmed The Stepford Wives in my friend Wyn Fishels home in Weston! What an awesome home that is!!!