Sunday Diners With Alex

Gold’s Delicatessen serves a tongue sandwich.

Christie’s Country Store sells 100% natural jam — the 1st ingredient listed is fruit.

Coffee An’ is so good, President Clinton ordered donuts from there.

Those are some of the on-target observations of Alex D’Adamo, gleaned from regular Sunday morning breakfasts with his dad.

A few years ago a 3rd grader — which Alex is — might have told those things to a couple of friends. A particularly creative kid might have written them down.

Alex created a blog.

Alex and Gold's owner Jim Eckl.

Now — with a bit of help from his father, James — he publishes Sunday Diners. Once a week, Alex’s relatives, his teacher — and random strangers, searching for things like “father-son breakfasts Fairfield County” — read Alex’s comments about the places he goes.

As well as his numerical ratings of “Food,” “Service,” “Looks” and “Bathroom.” (That’s very important. “If there’s toilet paper all over the floor, that’s gross,” Alex says. “If the bathrooms are clean, the kitchen is too.”)

Here are some of his recent comments on Gold’s:

Even though Gold’s is mainly known for their lunches like Pastrami and Corned Beef sandwiches and Hebrew National hot dogs they also make great breakfasts.  Except, they don’t serve eggs or pancakes, because, the kitchen at Gold’s is too small for that.  But that’s OK, because they say they have the best lox in the state, and that’s what I came to try today….

Before I even had my Nova, Karen the server gave me some pickles which were also really good — I’ve never had pickles at breakfast, but I had to try them.

After a bit of history of Christie’s, and before an interview with owners John and Renee Hooper, Alex wrote:

Today I had the Egg, Bacon & Cheese Sandwich on a toasted poppy- seed bagel — one thing I noticed was that the Egg Sand- wiches were very popular, it seemed like every person coming in the store was ordering one — one guy actually came in and bought not one…not two… not three… four or five… BUT six of them!  I wonder if he ate them all himself!  I also had some home fries which were tasty and hot.

Alex has always loved breakfasts with his dad. He remembers his 1st: at Commuter Coffee in Westport. That’s still a favorite.

“When I was little, I loved to watch the trains go by,” the 3rd grader recalls. “And Tommy (the owner) was always very nice to me.”

Sunday Diners’ 1st anniversary is coming up. Alex hopes to continue discovering great new places for breakfast for a long time to come.

And, on a return visit to Gold’s, he might even try that tongue sandwich.

(Click here to read Alex’s Sunday Diners blog.)

Alex, savoring breakfast.

11 responses to “Sunday Diners With Alex

  1. John and Renee Hooper

    He’s an extraordinary young man with a pretty cool dad.

  2. Elisabeth Rose

    A wonderful blog! Kudos to Alex!

  3. Don Willmott

    Kids are lucky today. I would have loved to have done the same thing, but between the handwriting, mimeographing, and hand delivery to people’s mailboxes, it would have been too much trouble!

  4. I don’t know if this complies with 06880 etiquette but I just wanted to post for 06880 readers that Dan Woog was named Boys Soccer Coach of the Year by the Connecticut High School Coaches Association. Congrats!

    PS Alex, I hope you get to NYC to try an egg cream on one of your Sunday trips.

  5. Old and Grey

    Etiquette schmetiquette…congrats to Dan

  6. Estelle T. Margolis

    Even more than remembering the great tastes of the food they ate, this Father and Son have created a life enhancing bond. Beautiful!

    Estelle T,Margolis

  7. Alex…your blog is right up there with “ctbites” !!!

  8. Go Alex !!!

  9. I have really learned result-oriented things from the blog post.Thanks for the new stuff you have uncovered in your short article. I will follow to follow your advices in the time to come..

  10. Tom, Pam, Fred

    Hi Alex
    Please come and see us again. Alex, we love your super blog thank you for coming to Commuter Coffee. We would love you to have a treat on us.

    From all your friends .
    Also thank you for having such a great time with your dad.