Food, Glorious Food

Can’t decide where to eat?

This spring and summer, Westport’s options get a whole lot more interesting.

Here’s what I’ve heard:

  • The Spotted Horse is about to open in the Federal-style Sherwood House on Church Lane.
  • A couple of doors down, the recently closed Manolo will become Sweet Basil.
  • There’s a new restaurant coming into the basement (former jail, then a vault) level of the old Town Hall, next to Restoration Hardware.
  • Bogey’s — shuttered since last summer — will reopen as a steak-and-burger place.
  • An Indian restaurant (Rasoi) and Asian place (Bistro 88) are moving into Bridge Square.
  • Jasmine — the long-ago Arrow — is returning to life as a new restaurant.
  • Terraine — the eco-friendly shop rising on the site of Curran Cadillac — will  feature “locally sourced and prepared artisan foods.”

Fairfield:  “Eat” your heart out!

24 responses to “Food, Glorious Food

  1. Wow. Lots of great offerings to tempt this former Westporter back for a visit. Dan – also loved the article on Vision 2020. Isn’t it funny how downtown has quite literally turned its back one one of its most remarkable assets – the Saugatuck River? Your observations put words to a gut-level instinct I had always had about downtown Westport. My favorite memory of that view of the river from the back of the shops was one year when there were Christmas trees strung with bright lights lining the river. Don’t know if the town still does that, but it was magic. Some variation of that theme would be beautiful year-round.

  2. So wonderful to see our beautiful downtown revitalized. Looking forward to walking around and checking out the new dining spots! And thanks to your blog, Dan, I know where they are. 🙂

  3. On Thursday night, I wandered past Luxe wine bar back where Sally’s is. Wow, that place was hopping. I’ll have to stop in next time.

  4. Fairfield, step aside.
    Westport is THE destination spot.
    With all the varied restaurant offerings and shopping around town, you really can’t beat it.
    Have lived here for 21 years and it only gets better!
    Looking forward to the next 21!

  5. GI JOE; where did you serve?

    Sorry to get off subject Dan!

  6. 6th Ranger Battalion, Army

    You fellas must be kidding!
    We should set up our own little blog.
    Plenty of stories to share!
    We can even convene at one of these new eateries!

  7. The Dude Abides

    I voted in my first presidential election, 1972, in that ole town hall. Unfortunately it was not for McGovern either. I was just out of the service (NAVY AIR!!!!!!!!!!!) and actually believed DICK! Nice to see renovations going on downtown and a sign that the economy is coming back.

  8. Lamplight JD

    Let’s hope the economy is coming back; from your mouth to God’s ears!
    May it continue.

  9. Richard Lawrence Stein

    Dan according to Fairfield is getting another eatery. This of significance because the team doing it are Westporters… It is Matt Storch of Match fame and the owner of the soon to be open Spotted Horse Kevin Mchugh… The meal ticket keeps getting punched for this culinary prize fight of two towns… Here is the link…

  10. Heck with all the new places. I’ll take Sherwood Diner, Angelina’s & the Duck any day.

  11. GI Joe telling Fairfield to step aside? We are so far ahead of you, you have a lot of catching up to do. The amount of land that Fairfield has in its downtown area is only going to continue to make it the most desirable destination in Fairfield County.

    • Yeah right. You got 60,000 people and a lousy football team.

      • We have two high schools and technically 3 because Fairfield Prep is 75 percent Fairfield kids anyway. You split Staples up and see how good they do in anything. Please.

  12. Haha yeah we have 60,000 people because people want to be here. In Fairfield we don’t care about Westport. It’s just the place where a few stores are. That’s all you are. Sorry to break that news to you high horse riders.

    • “In Fairfield we don’t care about Westport.” Really? Why are you reading 06880? You do know that is the Westport zip, don’t you? I love my high horse.

      • I know all the zips it’s not hard. You have no reason to be on a high horse with a high school rocked by scandal, cheating and a large decline in population growth. I love Fairfield County and you are the one town that just doesn’t quite fit in.

  13. It is reading this kind of petty fighting that makes me sick that I moved to Westport 3 years ago. Knock it off kids! Each town has its attributes. Why can’t people just OWN up to the fact that Westport is NOT all it’s cracked up to be? Start putting your negative energy into making it a great town, and restaurants and other exciting commercial opportunities will follow. In the meantime, I will continue to go where the good quality, fairly priced food is, in Fairfield, until Westport catches up. I wish the new restauranteurs great luck, no matter what town they are in!

  14. Brody;

    So how long have you been so clueless?
    Why bother reading 06880? You seem to have an interest in what goes on in our GREAT town here!


    • Know many from this town who grew up and left it for a laundry list of reasons. I read it more for the entertainment of how grand you think your town is when really anybody outside of Westport kind of forgets it exists.

      • Lamplight JD

        “Forget Westport exists”?
        BUT, somehow, you remembered 06880. Hmmmm……

        • You don’t even how a real deli in your town like how could you even argue this? Comical to say the least.

          • How can you even bring up “deli” knowing we have Oscar’s, Gold’s and now Art’s!!!!

            Perhaps you have” really” forgotten about Westport if you were unaware these three existed!

            Get real.

            • I didn’t even know Oscars was actually considered a deli. They’d be out of business if they were in Fairfield I guess, can’t compete with the variety and quality. What the heck is Gold’s and Arts? Never heard of those, sorry.

  15. Lamplight JD

    Hey folks,

    Why don’t we all just make the most of what each town has to offer.
    No need to arm wrestle over these points!!!

    Don’t sweat the small stuff………………….it’s over in a blink anyway!