Federal Style Meets Urban

You can’t tell from this photo, but the gas lamps flickered today outside the Spotted Horse, the almost-ready-to-open restaurant in the Federal-style Sherwood House on Church Lane. The lamps lend a great touch to a loving restoration of the 1802 building in the heart of downtown.

Meanwhile, Urban Outfitters plans to open Thursday. One entrance is on the Post Road, next to Patagonia. A 2nd entrance is on Church Lane — next to the Spotted Horse.

Being able to walk through the store — as well as the new configuration of the parking lot and parking garage separating it from the new restaurant — will add a different dynamic to downtown. The sum of this redevelopment may be greater than its parts.

10 responses to “Federal Style Meets Urban

  1. The article and pictures brought back memories of walking down Church Lane. I lived on Myrtle Ave. and this was my route to BJHS, Fine Arts Theatre and Library. Plus all of main St. of course. I’ll have to visit Westport soon. So much has changed! Love those old houses.

  2. katherine hooper

    My hubby is going to be on the door at The Spotted Horse. The place looks awesome inside and out. Suppose to be the new hotspot in Westport but come down with me bc i think i can get us a table! 😉

  3. VAST improvement over just 6 months ago. Thanks to the Episopal Church, one can find a parking spot and the brightness of the street now is refreshing. Nice job. Knock off the music, however! Why contractors feel the right to noise pollution is beyond me?????

  4. i agree with Dan. This project is and will be much more then a new store and a new restaurant. This is the beginning of something really great for Westport and i am so proud to what Mr. Waldman (with the guidance of our elected officials) created on Church Lane. It really seems that he cared enough to follow thru with what he said. I cant wait to see how the new Y development will compliment this wonderful addition to our town. Good job Mr. Waldman. Really good job.

  5. geoff hodgkinson

    Nice restoration, but the shutters are mounted backwards. The louvers should be facing up. Just sayin’.