For years, Elvira’s has served as Old Mill’s community center. Far more than a store for milk and eggs, and a take-out restaurant for great deli, gyros and pizza, it was a place where families ran tabs, parents left messages for their kids, and — like a non-alcoholic “Cheers” — everyone knew your name.

Elvira’s was a favorite spot not just for beach residents, but bicyclists, tradespeople, and everyone else just passing by.

Elvira's, on a midsummer day.

Winter was always slower than the rest of the year, so most people thought little of the sign that appeared around New Year’s: “Closed for Renovations.”

But Elvira’s has now been closed for several weeks. There’s been a bit of activity — some painting, a couple of new appliances, a note about deliveries — but not much else.

Westporters are worried.

Friends have tried to contact Elvira’s, to no avail.

Several years ago, neighbors rallied around the store in time of need. I can’t speak for them, but I’m sure they — and many others — would be willing to do so again, if that’s the case.

We talk often about the disappearance of mom-and-pop shops from Westport. Elvira’s epitomizes the type of mom-and-pop-plus-kids–cousins-and- grandparents store that makes this town a community.

Spring is almost here. Like the flowers and trees, that’s traditionally the time Elvira’s comes alive.

Let’s make sure it happens again.

30 responses to “Elvira’s?

  1. Can’t expect a business to survive if you only patronize it 5-7 months a year

  2. Keep the Change

    Someone ran their car into the side of the building and the place was closed for repair. I know they had a friend making repairs to the building structure behind rthe coolers.

  3. Dennis Jackson

    This sure looks like Kenny’s store….

  4. Stay tuned … word is that there are exciting new improvements to Elivra’s coming soon! Salad bar among other rumors. It has been missed these last few months, and we all need to support them year round, but it IS planning to reopen soon.

  5. Richard Lawrence Stein

    A business can actually be very successful open half the year… Look at many other shore communities… Granted this is not one of those places… But to assume otherwise is presumptuous

    • Your right the statement was presumptous about the reason for its current closure. Your also right Elviras ” is not one of those places” nor is Westport a beach (vacation ) community with a large influx of seasonal users. The point was if we don’t patronize Elviras in the off season it may not be around when we’re looking for a cold drink in the summer.

  6. Elvira’s is the heart of our beach community. Please keep us posted.

  7. I saw Nick, Stacy, and Nicky this morning and am happy to report they are planning on reopening this weekend. The renovations are taking longer than expected. There is going to be a salad bar.

  8. The Dudes Abides

    Mile 12 stop of my 20 mile run. Can’t survive without them and their stock of juices and happy smiles. Thanks for keeping us abreast of the exciting developments in the town of Westport!

  9. Rejoice we do. What a relief. I will be there this weekend for sure…
    Thanks for the update, Fred.

  10. Elvira’s is busy all year. It’s very popular with many of the workers that come to Westport. I’ve been going there since I was a little girl and Kenny owned it. I wish they would have Greek Lemon chicken soup every day!

  11. I agree the spot by Old Mill is a townie treaure, but I still call it Grubs. Come to think of it, I still refer to the 24 hour store accross from Bogeys as the Merritt Superette. But there’s hope – I don’t call CVS Mclellans any more.

  12. “Merritt Superette.” Is that not what it’s called?

  13. I also talked to Nickie and the family a couple times over the weekend. Some of their new equipment was delayed, but all is there now. Salad bar needs to be hooked up and they should be ready for business this weekend

  14. Remember back in the early 80s, there was an elderly clerk with an obvious case of dementia? What a sad sight and I cannot get it out of my head.

    • That was no “clerk.” That was Ken Montgomery, who owned the place. His original store, I am told, was somewhere near where the I-95 bridge is now, by South Compo and Green’s Farms Road. I guess he relocated to Old Mill when the thruway came in.

      When he died, he left an insane amount — something like $500,000? — to the YMCA, as I recall.

      But he certainly was no prize, hygiene-wise, from at least the mid-’60s on — that was when my junior high friends and I got in and out of there as fast as we could. Sometimes, unfortunately, we forgot to pay.

  15. Nickie confirms the good news. The back story: Delivery of equipment — promised in 7-10 days — stretched to 27 days.

    Meanwhile, the original plan — to repair the damage caused when a customer crashed into the wall — grew to include painting, reorganizing, new cabinets, and eventually a facelift. Any homeowner can relate, I’m sure.

    And yes, there will be a salad bar.

    They hope to reopen this weekend, but they’re not yet sure. “06880” will be the first to let Westport know.

  16. Hello everyone…its Niki from Elviras and I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for their concerns about the deli!!!
    Yes we did do a facelift as we have been there 15 years now!!! We began with the wall and worked our ways into other things!!! New equipment delayed us…but now we are getting things together with a hopeful opening on saturday!!! We will be having a re-opening party at the store as a celebration….date still to be determined!!! But i will let Dan know as soon as we know!!! Many changes have been done to better business as you all know we get older not younger and I am happy to announce that my brother Johnny has returned to the deli…that does not mean my parents are on retirement but just a lighter load of hours!!!! And yes we have put a create a salad bar/wrap station which will be workable mid march!!!!!
    Happy to say we worked together as a family throughout the years and believe thats why Elviras is still around! We miss our store and customers as they are a part of our daily lives! But we are here to stay!!!!
    See you all soon!!!

  17. The only deli in Westport.

  18. I grew up in my grandparents cottage on Compo Cove. As I remember, going way back, Ken Montgomery ran the store with his mother. Yeah we called him Grubb but he was a very nice and kind man. I found him always to be pleasant.