We Thought It Would Never End

Well, another brutal winter is nearly over.

After so much snow, ice and sub-zero temperatures, it’s nice to know that spring is on the way.

Thanks to alert “06880” reader Elise Meyer, for these shots of Brookside Drive. Hard to believe all that white stuff is finally gone!

22 responses to “We Thought It Would Never End

  1. Sorry but I think you got your winters mixed up. Is this a post from last winter? What snow and ice????

  2. And for those who think Global Warming is a hoax …

    • It is.

    • Check out Europe and their 100+ year RECORD cold temps before you make knee jerk emotional reactions to something you have NO clue to.

      • Exactly!!

      • Perhaps I should have said “climate change,” because it certainly is changing.

        But I don’t think it’s necessary to be nasty to express a differing opinion.

        • And ‘opinion’ is all it is, with no science, no facts, no peer view, and just one man’s opinion with fraudulent and selective data at best to fool the masses into followers of his cult of global warming (even though it has been getting cooler since 1998). So now we call it ‘climate change’, to justify the myth when it’s hot or cold…how convenient.

          And yes the Earth’s climate has been changing…for millennium, thousands of years ago, it was MUCH hotter and than MUCH colder about 20,000 years ago.

          Not to say we shouldn’t keep the Earth‘s water and air clean, but lets not be hoodwinked by a sleazy politician who did poorly in science and chemistry in college.

          Also, all of his dire predictions have FAILED, so much for ‘it’s settled’, but he profited handsomely with his carbon credit company scam, so it’s wasn’t a total waste (for him anyway).

  3. The Dude Abides

    I love this winter. Don’t jinx it. Any more like last year and I am gone.

  4. Does anyone else feel guilty for being happy about what a mild winter we’ve had? I know I’m supposed to be worrying about climate change, that severe drought awaits due to lack of melting snow, and my snowplow guys are probably going broke, especially after all that new equipment they were forced to buy last year. Or maybe it just means I must really be getting old, when there’s no longer anything attractive to me about winter. Oh, well, if I am getting old, at least I don’t have to think about moving to Florida. Florida is coming to us.

    • The snowplow drivers are often the landscapers, who had plenty of work from Irene and the Halloween snowstorm. I think and hope they will be OK.

  5. Those who ski are not happy!

    And I’m really worried about a monster March blizzard.

    • The Dude Abides


    • Linda Gramatky Smith

      I agree. Please don’t jinx us. I am just waiting for the other shoe (from October) to drop, and drop heavily. I don’t think we can breathe a sigh of relief when it’s only February. If we don’t talk about it perhaps Jack Frost or Old Man Winter will forget the Northeast and pass us by. 🙂

  6. I understand that Europe is having its coldest winter ever.

    • Indeed, Finland is 40 below and Alaska is getting record snow. I am not sure why any one would feel guilty about a warm winter?? Unless, of course, you are polluting our air and waters like most mega-global corporations.

  7. Nancy Powers Conklin

    After the winter that hit CT last year, I think the state is due for a “mild’ winter. Although, as we speak, a huge storm is churning in the midwest headed straight toward the northeast. But, I am happy to sit back and watch the weather back there…from my vantage point here in the southwest!

  8. Hey Dan–Where do you live???—What white stuff?? Are you doing drugs???