What’s Up With This House?

I know this place is in Weston — but it’s just a few yards past the Westport border.

Plus, a very alert “06880” reader asked me about it. So I figured it qualifies for our blog.

It’s 40 Weston Road — on the left side heading north, just before Broad Street.

The 1st thing you notice is the mailbox:

But it’s the house itself that really grabs you. There are nearly a dozen cars in the circular driveway. Enormous artwork hangs on the house; a few sculptures add even more interest.

(It’s not easy to see in the photo above — but check the far right side of the house, above the 1st-floor window. I didn’t want to trespass.)

A check of public records shows it’s got 11 bedrooms and 10 baths. Built in 1998, it’s 9,274 square feet, and sits on 2.02 acres.

So what’s the deal? Is it a hotel? A home for some religious sect? One of Mitt Romney’s mega-mansions?

Inquiring minds — including the “06880” reader who originally asked — want to know.

Click “Comments” if you’ve got a clue.

24 responses to “What’s Up With This House?

  1. Perhaps a “ronald mac donalds” house? Or a new marketing strategy for a “pocket listing” that quietly needs to be sold. I think ill go nock on the door and find out myself(with ms. Marplew in tow

  2. A little bit of online sleuthing would lead you to Tweedy, Browne Co. LLC (at http://www.tweedy.com), the stock brokerage famously used by Warren Buffett. One of the firm’s 4 owners (managing directors) lives there. How did I get this info? Because he made a contribution to one of the political parties and listed “40 Weston Rd” as his address.

  3. very dogville.

  4. Honestly, this seems a bit snoopy the whole thing. I wouldn’t want anyone photographing my private home and having it turned into an online info hunt for nothing other than idle discussions.

  5. Billy, Billy, Billy, don’t you think they’re asking for attention? Really…

  6. None of your business. Not good to call un-asked for attention like that to a private home.

  7. Westporter4ever

    I agree with Billy and Anonymous…it’s would different if this were about a business or comercial property, but this is a private residence we are talking about. Although I am as curious as other 06880 readers, It is None of our business!

  8. I have driven past this house for several years and wondered what the heck is going on there. What does P&Z regulations say about renting rooms in a single-family dwelling? This place has the markings of an upscale rooming house.

  9. Ever looked at GoogleMaps StreetView? This is all public record, and has been for decades. It’s only uncomfortable because it’s so easy to do now.

  10. Busybodies. Mind your own business!

  11. According to Zillow.com, this one has 11 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms!

  12. The Dude Abides

    I find it fascinating that those who cry,cry for privacy in their own lives, whine about transperancy in everything else. WTF!!

  13. A nice family with a lot of kids live there. Truth.

    • That’s right – nice family with lots of kids. They love life and are interesting. That’s what makes the world go ’round – otherwise, how boring would it be!

  14. I know as much about this place as I did about the guy doing wheelies all over Westport….nothin.’ 🙂

  15. VETDOC at Compo

    Thought it was the new corporate headquarters for Berkshire Hathaway!


  16. My kids ask me daily as we pass this place as to what’s going on there. If you look at the back of the house there is a decorative bathtub,a mosaic wall, and several other eye catching features on the property as well as several crazy colored cars but never a person in sight…just curious!

  17. What’s the big secret? Weston, like Westport, has it assessor land records online. Go to this address and you’ll have all the answers: