Ari Edelson’s Chocolate-Chip Proposal

Ari Edelson is a Staples graduate (Class of 1994). He’s also one of the country’s most up-and-coming theater director/producers.

Ari Edelson and Julia Levy

Today though, he’s most famous as the director/producer of one of the  “best marriage-proposal arrangements of 2011.”

At least, according to the New York Times.

Yesterday’s “Weddings/Celebrations” page story related, in shorter form, the Times’ longer version on July 24, which read:

Mr. Edelson fed into (Julia) Levy’s passion for sweets and baking when he proposed in September 2010, a year and a half after he initially wooed her with a box of his favorite cookies, from the Levain Bakery on the Upper West Side, which he had sent to her office.

He took her to the bakery, which stayed opened a half-hour later than usual for the occasion. She said she recalled that he seemed “kind of nervous” and that there were more cookies than usual in the display case. Then she noticed the cards atop the cookies.

Together they read, “Julia, will you please marry me?”

Her favorite, chocolate-chip walnut, had a “yes” sign in all capital letters, and her least favorite, oatmeal raisin, intentionally overdone and smaller than the rest, read “no.”

“It was so overwhelming,” she said.

She chose the chocolate-chip walnut.

The story did not describe their wedding cake.

One response to “Ari Edelson’s Chocolate-Chip Proposal

  1. katherine hooper

    Love this story and love Levain cookies. after reading this i think i may have to jump a train to nyc and get some cookies. they are the best. join me dan!