Enter “06880”‘s 1st Annual Holiday Contest

Is it just me, or do you notice fewer decorations — lights, Santas, even wreaths — in Westport this holiday season?

True or not, there are still plenty of festively decorated homes around.

And “06880” readers are invited to share their favorites with everyone.

Just send a photo to dwoog@optonline.net. It can be your own, or a friend or neighbor’s.

I’ll post them; then you vote. The winner receives a lifetime subscription to “06880.”

Ho ho ho.

16 responses to “Enter “06880”‘s 1st Annual Holiday Contest

  1. The Dude Abides

    Does 2nd place get a weekend in Philadelphia????

  2. And 3rd place, two weeks in Philadelphia . . .

  3. It’s not just you, Dan, but I definitely have noticed less decorations this year; what’s up with that? Remember after 9/11 all of the red, white and blue lights? It seemed like everyone decorated in some way or another. I personally decorate inside, outside and even make a safe harbour for the birds to protect them from the hawks. OMG!!! Lifetime to 06880?III OMG!!! Priceless!! (literally!) Happy Holidays to you too, Dan!

  4. I gotta tell you the Christmas tree in front of the Westport Town Hall is on the top of my list. Gorgeous with ole fashioned lights.

  5. It seems about the same down here near Philly, but we did observe that the lights went up all at once over the TG weekend as it was sunny and warm.

  6. Anonymous B15-17-92

    Who you calling a ho?

  7. Where I have particularly noted an understatement of lights is on Main Street. Years past they seemed to do a decent job of covering nearly all the trees with small white lights. This year there are a handful of lights strung over portions of about half the trees. Probably would have looked better with nothing. Only a guess, but maybe with chain stores virtually dominating the street someone in their head offices refuses to sign off on funding any non-conforming displays. Similar to when pleas were made to Talbot to keep the Remarkable Book Shop builidng pink, but ‘no could do’.

  8. Peters Bridge & Saugatuck Area have always done a totally brilliant job of Christmas lighting & other holiday decorating.

  9. The best lights I have ever seen are in Norwalk on a small road of West Rocks (Midwood Road?)!! Absolutely fantastic and certainly worth a visit.

  10. Norwalk is out. You got to submit a picture to Professor Woog to bring it to everyone’s light (excuse the pun). I am looking at a lighted tree on North Avenue as the winner already.

  11. And here I’ve been thinking there actually seem to be more homes than usual decorated for the holidays this year, and more creatively. Could it be purely subjective, based on one’s mood? In any case, I love to drive around town this time of year, don’t you?

  12. Yes if you are in a shitty mood, you can stop by my house.

  13. The tree on North Avenue is excellent. That was no ordinary ladder that got those lights on the top branches….

  14. Shouldnt this be called the ‘First Annual Christmas Lights Contest?’
    Town looks ok, but I have made it a rule not to shop in stores that hang a silver wreath on the window and call it a day. Its Christmas time. Thats the reason for the shopping. If they want us to shop on Main St then put up a tree & say ‘Merry Christmas.’ God bless us all, everyone.