The Last Lot

If you’re like me, you pass the vacant lot almost every day and wonder:  How can such valuable property just sit there?

The answer is: not much longer.

What may be the last undeveloped Post Road parcel in town — across Roseville Road from McDonald’s, directly across the street from Cumberland Farms — may soon be developed.

Tuesday night (December 13, 7:30, Town Hall), the Zoning Board of Appeals will review a request for variances. Property owner William Taylor hopes to construct a 2-story office building on the small piece of land, which ever since I can remember has been a weed- and brush-filled occasional parking lot for trucks.

The office building would include Taylor’s law office, and other tenants.

The bad news: Parking will include a deck — accessible through a new entrance off Roseville Road. That means even more cars will soon fly through the least-observed red light in town.

The good news: It’s not a bank.

2 responses to “The Last Lot

  1. With the advent of text amendments and special permits, I forgot the ZBA even existed. What’s the hardship they are asking the ZBA to address? Roseville access would seem to be a want, not a need… and a mess

    …my 2 cents and worth about that much.

  2. Mary Palmieri Gai

    My family owned this property for decades and I would have hoped the new owners know they had a prior zba approval for which we had do do major walls and planting and it was approved before the setbacks changed so they should be able to maximize the size of that building. Every other lot in town has much more coverage. And to answer the hardship question it is the silly setback rule that only effects this lot and no other. The setbacks are both front setbacks because it’s got frontage on both roads. Everyone should use common sense. If I could have I would have developed it myself but I was only one of many owners from three generations of my family.