Give To The Good Guys

In the blizzard of upcoming holiday events, there’s one that might be overlooked.

But it shouldn’t be.

Tomorrow (Thursday, December 1, from 5-7:30 p.m. at Christ & Holy Trinity Church), the Westport Downtown Merchants Association is sponsoring a “Season of Giving” event.

Sure, there’s the usual ho-ho-ho attractions — refreshments, an ice sculpture, a visit from Santa, music by the Orphenians and Chris Coogan — but the real attraction is a chance to do some good for some great community non-profits.

Many hands will help Westport charities tomorrow.

A variety of organizations — Homes With Hope, the Y, Save the Children and a dozen others — will have booths.  They’ll hand out information — but they’ll also have “wish lists.”  If something strikes your fancy, just donate to the cause.

The Westport Arts Center, for example, has “wishes” ranging from $10 (help install an art exhibit) to $250 (send a kid to summer art camp).

It’s just like real life Christmas (and Hanukkah).  Sometimes you get everything you ask for; sometimes you don’t.  Whatever happens, it never hurts to ask.

The “Season of Giving” is a great idea — and everyone’s a winner.  Our non-profits get a chance to have their wishes filled.  You get a chance do some good for a group you love — or one you never knew about — while having a good time.  And your kids get a chance to learn “the true meaning of Christmas” (or Hanukkah).

PS:  Really want to make a day of it tomorrow?  Head to Town Hall at 4:30 p.m. for the lighting of the (very ecumenical) “town tree.”  Then wander down the hill to the Westport Historical Society, for hot cocoa.  And if you stop in to a store or two on your way to the “Season of Giving” at Christ & Holy Church, I’m sure the downtown merchants won’t mind. 

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