Copping Candy

For the (few?) kids whose parents heeded the strong suggestion not to trick-or-treat Monday night, the Westport Police Department has your back.

Tomorrow (Saturday, November 5, 4-6 p.m.), the cops invite Westport trick-or-treaters who stayed home on Halloween to come down to headquarters (50 Jesup Road) for a do-over.

Members of the Police Department, Fire Department, Emergency Medical Services and Police Athletic League will hand out treats to costumed visitors as they travel around the Police Building complex.  Prizes — donated by local merchants — will be given to the best costumes.

But kids, remember:  no “tricks” after the treats.  Those security cameras are everywhere.

Kids: Don't try this at Police headquarters!

5 responses to “Copping Candy

  1. Bobbie Herman

    I once asked a little boy who came to my door, “What’s your trick?” He stood on his head.

  2. Nice headline, Dan.

  3. It may be me, but the police department seems more responsive to residents needs than ever before. Railroad complaints are now getting responses! New chief? Such a wonderful idea to have trick-or-treaters stop by. Couldn’t keep a lot of kids from trick-or-treating Monday night. Double-dipping with tomorrow’s alternate candy night. Coppin’ candy alright.

  4. The double negative in the first sentence confuses me.

  5. mary ruggiero

    Don’t be confused….Be Happy!

    Or Be not unhappy!