Fresh From The Farm

The folks running Wakeman Town Farm are finishing their fundraising drive.

But they’re not letting grass produce grow under their feet.  They’re also busy organizing upcoming events — all the way through the summer.

Weekend gardening workshops for adults will start “sooner rather than later.”

In November Erin Ostreicher, a rising star in the world of flower arranging, hosts a Thanksgiving Centerpiece workshop.  Events include cornucopias, hollowing out pumpkins to fill with flowers, spilling over with gourds and flowers, and more.

December brings a wreath-making workshop, with perhaps a holiday tea and tree trimming event.

Wakeman Town Farm will soon hum with activity.

Looking further ahead, a summer “Junior Farmer Camp” for kindergarteners through 2nd graders (called “Homesteaders”) will include animal husbandry (aka collecting eggs from nesting boxes, plus feeding chickens, bunnies and goats); tending a garden, harvesting veggies and turning them into delicious snacks, and making crafts from whatever the Homesteaders grow.

The camp’s 3rd through 5th graders will do all of the above activities, along with a more intensive botany/animal biology curriculum.  They’ll start plants from seed; do succession planting, harvesting and trellising, and enjoy arts and crafts that are age appropriate for this “more mature” set.

Middle school “apprentices” start before the summer.  Youngsters sign up for the full year (as an after-school activity), with the option of staying on throughout the summer.  They’ll learn about farming from seed to harvest — and all things in between.

High school internships — including the special last-quarter-of school senior internship program — will also continue.

Parks and Rec is promoting many of the Town Farm activities.

Who says there’s nothing new under the sun?

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