Pancake Pop-Up

When I say “community supported agriculture,” you probably don’t think “great sense of humor.”

The Westporters who now run Wakeman Town Farm are committed to getting Mike and Carrie Aitkenhead back as stewards.  It will cost $20,000 — but the hard-working organizers have added a bit of humor to their fundraising drive.

Consider the Miggs Burroughs-created poster for this Sunday’s (October 2) pancake breakfast:

Yes, that’s Mike and Carrie Aitkenhead — not a dour Iowa farm couple.

What a clever way to promote an event that include pancakes from Christie’s Country Store; nitrate-free bacon and sausage from Graze Delivered; fresh maple syrup, coffee, juice and more — plus goods from local craftsmen and artisanal farmers who will donate part of their proceeds to the farm.

There are games and other activities for the kids.  A prize-winning fiddler.  A raffle for a chicken coop.  (What — you expected tickets to a Yankees game?).

Also:  chickens, pygmy goats and an Angora rabbit.  (For “educational purposes only” — not part of the meal.)

The Aitkenheads will be there, talking about their plans for the property.  They’re eager to hear from the public, too.

And — proving that sustainable agriculture humor is not limited to a Grant Wood poster takeoff — organizer Betsy Phillips Kahn’s email signature reads:  “You’re never too old.  Unless you’re a cheese.”

(The cost of the pancake breakfast is just $5.  If you can’t attend, but want to contribute — any amount — you can make a check out to “Town of Westport,” with “Wakeman Town Farm” in the memo line.  Send to:  Elizabeth Beller, 4 West Ambler Rd., Westport, CT 06880.  For more information, click here.)

7 responses to “Pancake Pop-Up

  1. Lisa Marie Alter

    Awesome poster, Miggs — you take the (pan)cake !!!

    PS. Nice idea for a fundraiser, too.

  2. The “chicken coop” raffle, courtesy of My Pet Chicken, will run for a week (or two) beyond the Pancake Breakfast! Great article, Dan! And yes, the Miggs poster is simply awesome. 🙂

  3. The Dude Abides

    WTF? I thought the good Aitkenheads were canned and booted?? Now they are back and want money? Jeez, it is this a revival of Peyton Place? Need the straight scoop here Professor. No pancakes to distract my ADD.

  4. The Dude Abides

    It must that new blend of cannabis from Ecuador. I don’t get up until noon so the times won’t work but will gladly send a check. I would like to meet some “sustainability farmers” though. The Wakeman homestead will remain vacant? Yes, I am a pain but curious minds want to know.

  5. What a super new take on American Gothic by Miggs… somehow that title resonates with the controversy of last summer. I hope you are contemplating some poster sales to boost the fund raising. A signed copy ought to bring a handsome price.
    I also hope loads of people show up for the pancake breakfast at the highest point in Westport. The Wakeman farm really is one of the highest elevations above sea level in Westport.
    All the folks that attended Slice of Saugatuck OR wanted to attend should be attracted by this down-to-earth, true Westport event.
    A rare chance to support a truly grass roots movement.