Harder Parking

An alert “06880” reader took this photo in Parker Harding Plaza–

— and added this comment:

One would have thought that the reopening of Pottery Barn would also have included the reopening of the blocked parking spaces, but apparently that’s not the case.

Who in the Westport government can stop this blatant disregard for the townspeople (and their customers, I might add)?  There were 3 spaces blocked off for their wares, and 2 more used by workers.

And the answer is…?

23 responses to “Harder Parking

  1. Hey I have not seen their full time UHaul truck, recently, that is their portable warehouse that was permanently parked in Parker-Harding 24×7 for months (years) with nary a ticket. It was a puzzling site to us early Starbuck visitors when it was always there even as agents ticked other vehicles who over stayed their legal limit. So maybe they think they deserve those spaces until their mystery truck returns.

    • Acting Chief Call – do you have anything to add? Does Pottery Barn get a free space, is the officer responsible for tickets not doing a thorough job, or is something else going on.

      • Yeah, while you are at it, Chief, why do the contractors get to block Church Street during construction of that stupid old converted dump that will host an equally moronic restaurant???????????????????????????????????????

  2. The continuing saga of contractors not giving a flying f&^% about anything but their slow task at hand continues in Westport. You see it at construction sites when workers park on sidewalks or monopolize the street. You see it downtown on Main Street when a truck completely restricts traffic or as noted in the picture, completely oblivious to anyone but themselves. I am not sure where the police are but these contractors seem to have a free rein to do, park, play their music or do whatever the hell they want. Sick of it.

  3. Native New Englander

    Lighten up for goodness’ sake!! How the heck else are they supposed to load into a new store and get the work done? There’s plenty of parking elsewhere, it just requires walking a few minutes every now and then.

    • Not when they are on your street or on your running path or blocking kids walking home from school.

    • The Dude Abides

      On the day after the fall of the BoSox ’11, you are telling fellow New Englanders to lighten up! Probably a Yankee fan.

      • Only two things could have made last night better for a Met fan: 1) the Mets get in the playoffs (yeah, one can dream) and 2) the Yankees collapsed too.

      • Westportsince1970

        Wait a minute. Didn’t the RedSox completely blow the end of the season?
        Who would want to see a repeat of their pathetic end-of-season performance in the playoffs. Their failure is a blessing to their fans.

        • The Dude Abides

          We BoSox fans believe in miracles. Note the come back against the Yankees in ’07 and a World Series ring. Failure is never a blessing.

  4. You can’t have it all. You want world class shopping, scenic running paths and the maintenance that requires? There will be inconveniences from time to time. Get over it. We are blessed.

  5. Are there regulations governing this sort of activity? Are they being enforced? If not why not?

  6. Builders and contractors run this town and the police look the other way. We merely pay for it all. I hardly feel blessed.

  7. GO YANKEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Could not be happier !!

  8. Amnesic.

  9. I’m with you Chad!!!!!!!!!!!! Yankees Rock!!! Mets, Sox???? Not so much.

  10. Love the headline Dan.

    • We all call that parking lot “Harder Parking plaza”, right? Loved seeing the name in print, Dan.

  11. To Starbucks regulars: To avoid tickets, make your own coffee!

  12. Catherine Burnett

    i saw the exact scene behind Pottery Barn a few days after Irene. Perhaps this is related to the recent HP flooding and repair. Looks like the neighboring store has its windows papered. The rain can’t be good for all the merchandise.