A Question Even A Kindergartener Can Answer

For some reason, NESDEC — the organization that does yearly enrollment projections for the Westport Public Schools — recently contacted the Town School Office looking for background info.

One question was:  What year was kindergarten first offered in our schools?

The answer is:  No one is sure.

Records trace Westport kindergarten back to 1953 — but they’re incomplete before that.

So, “06880” readers:  If you attended kindergarten here any year before Dwight Eisenhower and Queen Elizabeth II took over, click “Comments” and tell us when.

Inquiring minds — and NESDEC — want to know.

Was there kindergarten in Westport in 1952? "06880" readers must know.

14 responses to “A Question Even A Kindergartener Can Answer

  1. I started kindergarten in September 1950 in Fairfield, and my older sibs before me. Half day only. I have to think that there was kindergarten in Westport well before 1953.

  2. I had Mrs. St. John for Kindergarten at Bedford Elementary (aka Town Hall) beginning in September, 1950. Many of the kids were graduates of Miss Paul’s Nursery School, the yard of which overlooked the north side of Bedford from up above.

  3. Barbara Wanamaker

    I attended kindergarten at Saugatuck Elementary (on Bridge Street) in 1947/48. Miss King was my teacher. The room was downstairs in what is now the main part of the building, next to the gym.

  4. I attended Kindergarten in 1950, the year my parents moved to Westport. I also had Mrs King at the Saugatuck School

  5. I was in kindergarten at Saugatuck in 1951, also had Miss King. She loved that I wore my braids the same way as she–pinned around my head!

  6. I went to kindergarten at Greens Farms in 1946/47.

  7. Luisa Francoeur

    I did not go to kindergarten until 1956, at Bedford Elementary; the next year Miss St John taught First grade. She was wonderful and it was so sad for me when she left teaching to get married. And does anyone remember Mrs Liffield and Friday Fun in Second grade? I thought that Miss Paul’s nursery school was on Roseville – but how could I know where exactly at age 3 and 4!

  8. Dennis Jackson

    Mrs. Liefield was our neighbor – nice people – and her daughter Joan was in the same Kindergarten class with Julie and me, if memory serves.

    Miss Paul’s could have moved, but I recall looking up at it from next to Bedford El and wishing I had gone there, because the kids talked about how much fun they had there.

  9. Miss Paul’s was located on St. Johns Place over looking Bedford Elementary. Miss Orr’s play school was one located on Roseville Road. Owning a play school must be good for longivity as both women lived well beyond their life expectancy.

    • Linda Gramatky Smith

      And Miss Orr’s co-teacher, Miss Sharp (I’m not making this up), lived a long life as well. After they closed the nursery school (at 34 Roseville), they built a house next door at 38 (?) Roseville. Wonderful women. I went there for nursery school around 1947-48. Kitty and Bob Steele were wonderful in looking after these maiden ladies in their old age.

  10. Joan Killingsworth

    I left (forcibly) Westport at 16, in 1952. I attended kindergarten at Bedford Elementary, 1941. I do not remember the teacher’s name, as I never remembered names then or now. I was scared to death, and as I recall, I sat on the floor and cried. After that day, I loved it all.
    Still love Westport and all our memories, been back a few times.
    Joan Killingsworth nee:Tormey

  11. In 1941, I entered kindergarten at Saugatuck Elementary School, located previously on Bridge Street. The original building remains but years ago was converted to apartments. I regret that I cannot recall our teacher’s name.

    Our two granddaughters are now in Grades 2 and 5 at Saugatuck Elementary on Riverside Avenue, in the former Staples High School building. I expect they will attend my two other alma maters as well–Bedford Middle School (formerly “Junior High”) and Staples High, now on North Avenue.

    Nelson Morgan. Staples 1953

  12. GAIL ARMITAGE HEATH (Staples ’55) I attended Greens Farms Elementary School kindergarten in 1941-42; the teacher was
    Mrs. Duntze (sp.?)
    I’m sure many remember my first grade teacher, Miss Lucy Gorham.
    I taught first grade next door to her there 1959-1963.

  13. Wanda Gupton Tedesco

    I started kindergarten at Saugatuck Elementary in September 1949 . My teacher was Mrs King. My sister was five years older and I remember her holding my hand as we walked that bridge every day. We wore dresses to school then and long pants under them to try and keep warm. The long pants however were removed for class and put back on at the end of the day for the long cold walk home. I graduated from Staples in 1962.