Library and Y Are Open…

…so let the charging of electronic devices begin!

The Westport Y adds that non-members are welcome for “showers and respite.”

It’s great that both institutions are so receptive and pro-active to the needs of the community.

And we’re sure that as soon as Maxine Bleiweis finds a way, she’ll add showers to the list of the many services the library provides.

Reading in the showers.

2 responses to “Library and Y Are Open…

  1. i’m at the library now – it’s a zoo here! (hangin’ out in the kids’ section, where most of the free plugs are…)

  2. The Dude Abides

    I might add that the Men’s Health Club (the cloak and dagger place behind the keypad) is closed to September 1st (hopefully) for repairs.