Days — And Weeks?

First selectman Gordon Joseloff says:

In the aftermath of Tropical Storm Irene, we are grateful that there was no loss of life or serious injuries, but the town and its citizens have suffered serious property damage and emotional duress.

In addition, like hundreds of thousands of other Connecticut residents, we are now engaged in the start of what is likely to be a difficult and prolonged recovery process.

Working with state and federal officials, we will do out utmost to chart a course that will return us to normalcy as soon as possible.  But no one should be under any illusion that the process will be easy or fast.

Connecticut Light & Power Company warned in advance of Irene and I repeated that recovery from the storm could be a matter of days or weeks.  We certainly hope it won’t be weeks, but that is a possibility we must face.

In the hours and days ahead, we will do our utmost to open roads, clear trees and wires, and other debris, and to restore power to homes, schools, businesses, and municipal facilities.

I am proud of how our first responders, municipal employees, volunteers, and of course residents met the challenge of Irene.

I am especially pleased with the manner in which we successfully housed and fed scores of persons at the Long Lots Elementary shelter— something which we have planned for but fortunately did not have to carry out until now.

As details of the Westport’s recovery process become clearer, I will communicate them to you as they become available.  Meanwhile, I ask for your patience and perseverance in meeting the challenging days ahead.

8 responses to “Days — And Weeks?

  1. CL&P took Sunday off. That’s not a good sign. Perhaps posting “where’s CL&P” updates on 06880 would help grease Westport’s squeaky wheel.

  2. FYI –

    The winds were still gusting upwards of 40 MPH at 8PM on Sunday night.

    Those are not safe conditions for line men to work in bucket trucks.

    Give them a break for christ’s sake.

  3. Dick Lowenstein

    Power restored around 3AM on eastern end of Greens Farms Road.

  4. The Dude Abides

    Where is CL&P??? 30 years in Houston with the worst weather of any major city and never was without power for more than two hours. Last year March, we lost it for five days and we are being told Wednesday at the earliest now!! Pissed off North Avenue.

  5. It seems like a week is now considered acceptable.

    In addition to the number of homes still without power, a useful stat would be how many cl&p crews are working in town. That would add a helpful dimension to the prioritization and resource allocation decisions being made by our public utility.

    Telephone poles seem like a 19th century innovation we should have weaned ourself off of long before our trees and weather became so ominous.

  6. A rare sighting: clp truck on newton near crooked mile. I think it even stopped.

  7. The Dude Abides

    CL&P finally arrived and found out it was a simple fuse on the end of our street of 15 houses. Rumors had it that CL&P sent their folks to Jersey to help out and got caught in shuffle. Kansas L&P busting in Milford. Seems to be much the cluster%$^&.

  8. FUCK THIS!!