Soup’s On

Alert “06880” reader Kelly Crisp snapped this photo today:

She noted:  “Westporters, normally risk adverse to preservatives, take a big position in fancy canned soup.  Still plenty of good ‘ol Campbells.”

Kelly added:  “Taking a page from cowboys of the Wild West, Westporters made a run on canned baked beans.  Pun intended.”

We’re laughing now…

6 responses to “Soup’s On

  1. Any excuse to spend money. And they wonder why our government is in the red. It is a Category III in Florida and will diminish to CAT 1 by New Jersey. Stop being afraid. God forbid, some of the load-bellies in this town don’t eat for a day or so.

  2. Wal-Mart in Norwalk had run out of bottled water by 9:15am Friday. I’m buying shares in Dasani….

  3. Nothing like a hurricane to stimulate the economy.

  4. Really? I was at the store today for creamer (if we have power, I need my coffee) and there was a customer hemming and hawing over tuna… can or bag, can or bag. The can was cheaper, but then it occured to her “oh my, if the power goes out, how will I open the can?” So she bought the bag. The funny part is she got the last three, so obviously she’s not the only one who relies on power to open a can. Does everyone know what a “manual” can opener is?

  5. Interesting the things we take for granted. I betcha a cowboy in Utah doesn’t know what a manual can opener is except his pocket knife. Or maybe his teeth. Come to think about it, he probably doesn’t eat stuff out of a can?

  6. Only thing sold out at Stop and Shop: black beans.
    Viva Los Estados Unidos!