Irene: Early Warning Signs

An alert “06880” reader reports:

My normal very tranquil nightly visit to Stop & Shop is interrupted by those in fear of the coming hurricane.  My first clue is that the parking lot is nearly full at 11 p.m.

As I pull up to find a spot, 2 large women are emptying their shopping cart full ofbottled water into the back of their over-sized gas guzzling SUV.  I wait for them tomove their cart so I can park but they do not budge.  This is not the friendliness that a snowstorm brings.  This is downright fear, and a feeling that Darwin was absolutely correct:  Only those whose pantry is full will survive.  The store is full of “stockers” who are in earlier than normal, so they can unpack all the boxes that clutter the aisles.

Shoppers are plentiful.  All have their carts stacked to the brim, their underwings full of bottled water, soda, dog food, and almost anything that can be bought in bulk.

True to form, there is only 1 cashier at this time at night.  I trail a lady with $434.45 worth of groceries.  I know this because, despite the fact that I only have my usual 7 items, she ignores me and I watch each of her items scanned.

She smiles at the cashier, but you can see fear in her eyes.  My God, I think, we only have 2 days of shopping left until the hurricane hits . . . maybe.

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8 responses to “Irene: Early Warning Signs

  1. The Dude Abides

    After 30 years in southwest Texas, where every time a storm would hit the Gulf, the weather folks would go bonkers. They preach fear and we lap it up like thirsty dogs. The one hurricane that did hit was Alicia in ’83 and I never even lost power. 5 bucks it doesn’t amount to more than some rain showers??

  2. Everyone except the far right of the Republican Party realizes that oil, gas and coal burning have the sent the climate into bigger floods, droughts and hurricanes.

  3. To describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power.

  4. Diane Happel Herman

    If you have city–water no need for bottled!!!! Westport water tastes great!

    • Yeah until river or Sound water infiltrates it due to flooding. Then it will kill you.

      • So how about filling the bathtub NOW with good Westport water that isn’t contaminated yet?

  5. I see BP is already out of gas. Hoarders galore.