Why We Travel

Move over, Tyler Hicks and Lynsey Addario.

The New York Times travel section carries a compelling photo by another born-and-bred Westporter.

Under the headline “Why We Travel,” the caption reads:

While traveling through Southeast Asia on a photographic tour, we stopped in Luang Prabang (Laos), one of the most charming cities I have ever seen.  I peeked in a window of a monastery, expecting to see attentive pupils, but instead caught this Buddhist technophile, framed in perfect Rembrandt-esque lighting.

The photographer is Susan Woog Wagner.

Yeah, I’m proud of my little sister!

10 responses to “Why We Travel

  1. Fantastic photo! That region is captivating.

    I’m sure your sister asked before she shot him, so it’s simply that I don’t know that I am asking: what’s protocol for bloggers regarding photographing people? I know that most news media photographers, unless they are really deviant paparazzi, will introduce themselves and ask a subject’s permission. Or you have the case where they don’t ask but because of where the subject is, subject knows the probability media photographers are taking photos.

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    Usually I judge whether asking will ruin the candid moment, or not, but after I take the photo, I always talk to the subject and make sure they are ok with it!
    Susan Woog Wagner

  3. Thanks for posting Big Brother!
    I’m proud of you too!

  4. that sounds like a perfect way to go about it;
    those instructions should be included with the sale of every camera 😉

  5. Great shot (and it’s nice to see another Woog family member’s work in the Times).

  6. Amy Schafrann

    I agree about the Woog family! Thanks for pointing it out Dan. I saw the photo but I’m excited to see Susie is in the NYTimes!

  7. Great photo! For our travel site, we require written permission from subjects if they are identifiable. Rather than pull out a model release on site and scare the person away, we generally show them the images and offer to e-mail them to them, requesting their permission to publish.

    • sounds reasonable and respectful. again, every camera should come with these instructions.

  8. I know if Susan (and yes, this is a fabulous photo) stopped to ask first, she wouldn’t have gotten this spontaneous shot of the monk texting. The solution she offered was perfect. And no wonder you’re proud of her, Dan!

  9. I love this photo! great shot-