TED Talks To Westport

Some Westporters are addicted to cigarettes.  Others, to “American Idol.”

I’m addicted to TED.

Ted is not a person, though human beings are an integral part of TED.  The acronym stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design, but the tagline says it best:  “Ideas Worth Spreading.”

TED talks — available on its website — are bite-sized videos (18 minutes max) packed with compelling, mind-boggling lectures on topics as diverse as the life that teems throughout the universe, the world of penguins, and the upcoming “demise of guys.”

Like crack or heroin, once you’ve taken a hit of TED, you need more, more, more.

And just as certain drugs are “gateways” to others, TED leads to TEDx.

TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share TED-like experiences.  This Tuesday (August 23, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.), the Westport Library hosts a TEDx event.

In keeping with both TED and the library’s focuses on the future, this TEDx will examine what today’s innovators and tomorrow’s leaders are thinking — from finding new ways to live in a technologically integrated world, to helping senior citizens in their homes, and more.

And who better to explore those ideas than teenagers?

Ben Meyers — a June graduate of Staples, where he organized Ecofest — spearheads the upcoming TEDx.

Presenters on Tuesday include rising Staples seniors Carson Einarsen, Logan Rosen and Isaac Stein, and recent grad Adam Yormark.

If you’ve never seen a TED video — or been to a TEDx event — go.  You will be inspired, provoked, challenged and energized.

Not to mention, addicted.

(Click here for free online advance registration — it’s required.  PS:  Lunch will be served.)

4 responses to “TED Talks To Westport

  1. I am also addicted to TED. But I haven’t seen them all..there are almost 200 now……Dan, I would love your suggestions (or anyone else’s) as to your favorites.

  2. Jane Nordli Jessep

    I will try attending this event as I was a TED Fellow the first year they initiated that program. It was such an honor and thrill to be brought to the conference and spend time with some of the most outstanding young thinkers and doers in a generation. I was chosen because I am a long time music educator(Dr. Abreu won the TED prize that year) and I work for an organization that is an outgrowth of research by Harvard’s Project Zero. TED videos to watch for sure: Julie Bolte Taylor and Ken Robinson. You can’t go wrong with any of them.

  3. Kerstin Warner

    I’ll be there!

  4. Dan: I smiled at your first sentence of this posting. I am “addicted” to talks as well and TED was by point of entry into this wonderful word of thought-provoking and inspirational talks. TED inspired me to create videotalks.org which I would recommend to your readers. I have linked for than 60 talks and lectures sites and update it regularly. Thanks again and keep up your good praise of TED and others! Jim Melfi, founder, videotalks.org.