Danny Meyer On A Roll

This coming Sunday’s New York Times Magazine has a loooong article on Shake Shack (and many other restaurants) owner/legend Danny Meyer.

There’s no specific mention of Westport in the text — beyond an anecdote from last March, when he told an industry crowd about his plans for a Connecticut restaurant to “huge applause” — but there is a nice photo of him addressing new hires.

In Westport.

(Photo by Gillian Laub/New York Times)

7 responses to “Danny Meyer On A Roll

  1. Totally great staff in Shake Shack Westport. This staff’s perfectionism and graciousness along with the fun menu very much eclipses the long lines and tedious lack of parking.

  2. Went there relatively late last Saturday night with my wife. The place was packed. I had the burger and fries, and both were excellent. Having said that, the parking hassles and the wait are just not worth it for a burger and fries, sorry. I will be very curious to see if this retains its popularity. Maybe there’s a reason there have been a number of restaurants at this location. I hope it succeeds, but I wonder if the Shake Shack would have been a better fit at another location.

  3. I’m guessing Shake Shack is going to (if they haven’t already) strike up a deal like SBUX did (with the bar that used to be across from it) regarding parking so that you can park in the Home Goods lot.

  4. Nobody goes there anymore…. it’s always too crowded.

  5. mary ruggiero

    I haven’t gotten there – yet. Waiting for the crowds to thin out as the novelty wears. Parking across Post Road???? If it’s not worth the wait – it’s definitely not worth your life!

  6. Don’t be silly. Crossing Post Road is manageable. And, because of the cafe’s quality it’s not likely to lose ‘novelty’ so maybe eventually the town will put a cross-walk in place.

  7. Finally checked it out last Saturday night (around 10pm) when the crowds were starting to thin out. Have to say it was very good, from the food and staff to the whole layout and concept. Prices weren’t bad either, although the $5.00 milkshake might be pushing it.
    I think it will occupy this spot for a long time.
    Kids loved it too!