You can’t stop progress.

First the Y sells its downtown building.

Then Mario Batali and Danny Meyer bring New York-chic restaurants to our little village.

Now Coffee An’ has gone an’ reupholstered their stools.

Alert “06880” reader Larry Perlstein sent this photo along:

The owner — George — told Larry it’s the 1st time the seats have been redone since the place opened.

What’s next?  A level floor at the Duck?

6 responses to “Stools

  1. Richard Lawrence Stein

    If Pete levels the floors of The Duck you then will know the apocalypse is upon us!!! And the resident drunks will surely fall down not knowing how to navigate a level walk to the restroom

  2. Doug Conner

    If Pete does something about his surly staff at the Duck, we’d feel on a even level with them.

  3. The Dude Abides

    The signature label for the “Greenbutts.” The new third party. You only spend what you have in your butt wallet and pay as you sit. No more.

  4. Hey?