Cool News

The Westport Y:  It’s not just for winter storm victims.

That isn’t the tag line.  But it could be.

In March 2010 — when some Westporters lost power for a week — the Y opened its doors to anyone for showers, stress-relieving workouts, even cell phone charging.

Now — 16 months and 6000 degrees later — comes news that Y is a “local cooling center.” As the Village People know, it’s fun to stay at the Y-M-C-A.

You can stay until closing at 9:30 p.m., just hanging out in one of the public areas — including the very comfy Bedford Room.

When the pool’s open, you can even swim — free of charge.

How cool is that?

A Westport Water Rat swimmer. You don't have to go that fast.

2 responses to “Cool News

  1. The Dude Abides

    The YMCA has always been and I am sure will continue to be one of the greatest assets of this town. Run by very concerned and compassionate people. Your article is another fine example of its thoughtfullness.

  2. Way cool…. The Y was our sanctuary during last spring’s storm that left our town powerless for nearly a week. Run by generous and compassionate people who understand the meaning of the word “community.”