Old News

Walking through town the other day, alert “06880” reader Rick Leonard stopped to admire the renovation of the former Sherwood home on Church Lane, opposite the Y.

Peering through the chain link fence, he noticed old newspapers half buried in construction detritus.

Rick couldn’t see the name, but read the date: June 5, 1908.  He was impressed with the good condition of the papers — and the headlines.

One read:  “Thieves Steal Pastor’s Trousers.”

Another was titled “Rich Man Raids Wife, Clubman.”

What an exciting summer that must have been!  And to think that now all we worry about are taxes, senior housing, education, the economy and distracted driving.

Have you seen this man's pants?

6 responses to “Old News

  1. Bobbie Herman

    I would think the Historical Society would want these.

  2. That Rick Leonard! Such a good eye!

  3. The Dude Abides

    And on June 2nd, 1908, Eddie Dugan road Royal Tourist to a win in the Preakness.

  4. I think that 06880 could parallel those headlines. Maybe with Page 6 style blind items? The whole of Westport isn’t simply waiting in front of the tv waiting for tax bills, deliberating play sets in their neighbors backyards,etc.

  5. Page 6 style items?? Isn’t that how Rupert got in trouble???? Wooger gonna tap into my cell phone or a nude shot of me swimming in my pool???? Trust me, neither is too enlightening.

  6. Wendy Crowther

    It’s a shame that such things are thrown out during demolitions & restoration projects. The demo crews and workers often don’t know what’s historically valuable and worth saving or donating. Dumpsters are the final resting place for many clues to the past.