How Green Is My Westport

Fish, it is said, don’t know that they’re surrounded by water.

(They also don’t know other important things, like not to bite bait.)

Westporters can be pretty fishy too.

We’re surrounded — from May through September, anyway — by spectacular greenery.  An amazing canopy of trees creates a beautiful, lush landscape that we hardly seem to notice.

Just another summer day on High Point Road.

We’re all over the fall foliage.  But our awesome verdant summers — meh.

I was reminded of this last weekend.  Friends from Virginia were here; later that same day I chatted with a few former Stapleites back for their reunion, now living far from their hometown.

All commented on the greenery that surrounded — and awed — them.

The same scene many of us take for granted every day.

5 responses to “How Green Is My Westport

  1. The Dude Abides

    Interesting point as we used to visit Virginia for a month each summer and upon returning (heading up North Avenue) we would always note how “pretty” it is here. Many old Westporters returning point out how the trees have grown. It truly is a spectacular town and state. The winter, not so much.

  2. Wendy Crowther

    Back in the mid-70s I brought a college friend home with me for a weekend visit to Westport. She also commented about how green it was here. It seemed like such an unusual comment at the time – I never forgot it. Guess where she was from? Yup…Virginia!

  3. Westporters as teenagers have no idea how lucky they are. They have not only the green but, Long Island sound and the woods with all of their majestic beauty! The wildliffe is awesome! I can remeber when I was young sitting out with my mother and listening to all of those sounds early in the mornings. How I miss Westport and Weston. I wish so much I could move back there, what my mother always referred to as HOME until she was called HOME by God.

    • The Dude Abides

      You make a valid point but as the saying goes, youth is lost on the young. But the carefree life of a young Westporter has been lost in their heads in the computer, a structured adult driven environement and apparently, fierce competition to achieve. The days of biking around town or hitchhiking, wandering through apple orchids or deep thicket woods or playing in pickup games in your backyard are gone. To me, as a youngster, that was the beauty of Westport.

  4. Gwen Dwyer Lechnar

    It was the first thing I noticed last summer, my first trip “back east” in 14 years, 9 in CA and 5 in Mexico.No matter what the inhabitants get up to, it’s a damn pretty place and oh so green.