Tyler Hicks Returns

Just 4 months after his abduction in Libya made international headlines, Tyler Hicks is back in Africa.

The Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times photographer spent some time in his hometown of Westport after his release in March.  He was among 4 journalists captured, including fellow Westport native Lynsey Addario.

Returning to work, his 1st assignment was Mexico.

Now he’s back overseas.  Today’s Times carries 4 compelling photos — the 1st ever from the newly created nation of South Sudan.

All carry Tyler Hicks’ photo credit.

Jubilation reigns in the capital of Juba, as South Sudan gains independence. (Photo by Tyler Hicks/New York Times)

As the sun shone through the trees, independence came to South Sudan. (Photo by Tyler Hicks/New York Times)

South Sudan president Salva Kiir's trademark is a black cowboy hat, a gift from former President George W. Bush. (Photo by Tyler Hicks/New York Times)

The new nation of South Sudan is led by former guerilla fighters and commanders. (Photo by Tyler Hicks/New York Times)

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