On Second Thought…

A local blog ran this photo yesterday, reporting that “someone” defaced the Westport Library with graffiti:

(Photo by Larry Untermeyer)

In fact, according to an alert “06880” reader, “the drawings resulted from a library-sponsored event for kids.  They were given chalk to express creatively their love for books, reading, and Westport.”

So instead of shaking our heads in disgust, let’s smile indulgently.

There’s a thin line indeed between graffiti and art.

9 responses to “On Second Thought…

  1. I wondered about that… it looked like sweet children’s drawings to me. Thanks for clearing that up… before anyone else did, as usual. You really stay on top of things, Dan!

  2. I’m so glad if wasn’t graffiti but I don’t think writing on buildings should be encouraged even in the name of art!

  3. The Dude Abides

    I agree with the Old Brit here. Is there a budget problem with canvas availability for the kids to draw on??? Sort of tacky if the picture serves correct.

  4. maxine bleiweis

    It was the unintended consequence of over 60 kids getting excited about reading. I wish I had been there to watch the delight on their faces during the execution. The chalk will soon wash away but we hope the fun of the moment and the joy of being at the library will remain.

  5. Kids. Excited about reading. Nice to hear. Thanks.

  6. Gordon must not have been invited to the photo shoot.

  7. This is the sort of unmitigated arrogance that masquerades as teaching. Anyone who equates graffiti on the library walls with reading has inappropriate boundaries and no concept of good social behavior. It’s plan dumb!

    • Hogwash. The director said it got the kids to read and be creative. Murals in some of our schools as well as the inner cities display a talent that otherwise would go unnoticed/unfettered. It is time we started to think outside the box in terms of educating our youth cuz old school education does not seem to be working. Further, with one good rain storm, it will be gone.

  8. Max Stampa-Brown

    Someone should talk to Banksy about this whole Graffiti isn’t art thing.