Shave And A Haircut — (Far More Than) 2 Bits

The Post Office is not the only new tenant in Playhouse Square.

At the other end of the shopping center — closest to the Post Road — a new franchise is moving in.  Kennedy’s All-American Barber Club® will open soon, meeting Westport’s need for “discerning gentlemen who are looking for an experience that is the polar opposite of your everyday haircut from the ‘big chains.'”

Did you notice that Westport is filled with “big chain” hair cutting places?

I didn’t either.  But that’s not stopping this 150-shop franchise from moving into town.

The website asks:

Have you ever felt like you’re one of the last gentlemen on the planet hoping for a quiet retreat where you can be surrounded by other like-minded souls needing the grooming and personal services that true gentlemen need?

Gentlemen — start your strops!

Step foot inside a Kennedy’s All-American Barber Club®, and you’ll instantly be transported back to a time when men were men, and when getting a straight razor shave and a haircut were the civilized thing to do.

At the same time, you’ll be offered a cool beverage, a modern selection of grooming products, listen to hand-selected music, and much, much more.  You’ve worked hard to earn this affordable luxury.  Join us and you’ll know…

That sound you just heard is Lou Santella rolling over in his grave.

We know you’ve been watching from afar as gentleman after gentleman has entered Kennedy’s All-American Barber Club® looking like a tired man, only to come out looking like refreshed gentlemen.  You wouldn’t be the only one who wonders from afar, just how we do it.  But for the answer, you’ll have to come inside and experience it for yourself.

You belong among Kennedys.  You deserve to look like you behave, like the Ultimate Gentleman™ you are.  The occasional fishing trip, golf outing or other rendezvous with “the boys” is an experience we all long for, but encounter all too seldom.  Joining your local Kennedy’s All-American Barber Club® will bring you that same fraternization, while tending to your necessary grooming functions.

We beg the question, “Where else can you go, in the middle of a hectic workday, get a fantastic haircut and relaxing straight razor shave, then tackle the rest of your day completely refreshed?”

(Yes, if you’re wondering, “beg the question” means “the initial assumption of a statement is treated as already proven without any logic to show why the statement is true in the first place.”)

So how much does this Ultimate Gentleman™ experience cost?  (Or, in Kennedy’s All-American Barber Club®-speak, how much do you pay to become a Member?)

Come on in and see for yourself. Once you do, we’re sure you’ll understand why we call our service offerings an “affordable luxury” and a “luxurious necessity.”  Investment in Membership varies from location to location and is dependent on the Membership level you select.

In other words:  a lot.

The Kennedy's Club in Playhouse Square. Why a toilet sits atop the steps is a mystery.

17 responses to “Shave And A Haircut — (Far More Than) 2 Bits

  1. The toilet? Where you deposit your membership fees.

  2. Larry Perlstein

    Suddenly they are springing up all over — there’s one in Stamford in High Ridge and one in downtown Darien. Looking in the window I did notice they have a pool table! Might be worth a try if they’ve brought back those old towel steamers that Barbers used when my dad used to go — nothing better than a 200+ degree steaming towel draped over your face he used to say! Not really.

  3. Best part about losing my hair – no more barbers.

  4. Dennis Jackson

    Gentlemen, if you really want to step back in time to when men were men and barbers were (ladies and) gentlemen, visit Tommy, Felice, and the tonsorial artisans at Compo Mens’ Barber Shop. Tommy has been honing his craft in Westport since 1958 and started his “parlor” in the 60s, when Ed Mitchell’s, The Ice Cream Parlor, Food Fair, McLellan’s, and Franklin Simon were some of the neighbors. It’s where the recent film about old Westport was made, including the historic old Westport photos that decorate the walls. And yes, the music is hand-selected; Bennett, Sinatra, Streisand, Cole, Brubeck, Buble, Goodman, Ella, Elvis, Mancini, Mathis, Tormé, Sarah, Steve & Eydie, et al.

  5. Over the space of more than 50 years Tommy has cut my father’s hair, he has cut my hair and he has cut my son’s hair….There’s an elegance about the way he does his work, and a pleasure to have him here….with never a hair our of place

  6. Jonas Shapiro

    If I can even come close to looking as handsome as those 4 gentlemen on the homepage of their corporate website then money is no object. This membership ‘perk’ also made me check to see if was April Fool’s Day: Black & White framed 8×10 Photo with your business card inserted and hung on our Wall-of-Fame (may make your Membership taxdeductible).

  7. The Dude Abides

    I assume they will “part” your hair on the “left” at Kennedys??? Maybe a few shots of Marilyn clad the walls?? I doubt if Arnold is a member in good standing??? All-American??? Hmm . . . what is that look?? Maybe you get a letter sweater when you become a member??? Jeez, Tommy cut my hair back when I got it cut. 40 years ago. Give me ole Westport every time.

  8. I’d be careful about investing; old style charm doesn’t pump itself on a cheap website

  9. John McCarthy

    Took a look at this at lunch today and got several good chuckles beyond the ones that Dan uncovered. Here is my favorite

    Kennedy – [KEN-eh-dee] def. The Ultimate Gentleman™ living inside you.

  10. The Dude Abides

    Sort of sounds like an ad for Viagra, huh, John??

  11. Grunty Lee

    This sounds great: male grooming is an exploding sector. Admit it guys, you know you’re stealing your wife’s moisturizer just before you put on your Harley T-shirt! At the moment, I get my hair cut by a Bangladeshi boy for $8, including tip. And he does a great job.

  12. Cool message, I absolutely watch for fresh news of your stuff.

  13. I totally understand being critical of the ridiculously overpriced “membership”. However, I get my haircut 2 to 3 times per month and every other barber shop in Westport comes out to about the same price. So why wouldn’t I go to a nice environment. Everybody told me to go to Compo Barbershop. They charge $30 for a man’s haircut that takes about 15 minutes. Does everyone actually think the other shops in Westport are affordable?

  14. While most barber shops charge $20 to $40 for each haircut just for you to have a quick and “out the door” service Kennedy’s charges $45 for a mini facial, hair wash and massage, with excellent service on top of it. Or if you enjoy keeping your hair and appearance clean and well maintained they charge $65/month for unlimited haircuts.

  15. Kennedys is nothing but a bunch of ex wall street pompous money hungry jerks, who play favorites with their employees. They make false promises, offerring benefits after 6 months, then at 6 months decided to say, “Oh yeah we decided not to do that.” Promised promotions weithin the company, then when they realized how much they would have to pay someone who actually had salon management experience, they hired several 20 year old girls who had never even had a job before to manage. They lie to the employees, they lie to the investors.They moved several employees to multiple locations and complained when we were unable to keep clientele. How are you supposed to keep a clientele if youre moved every month? The pay is impossible to live on. The whole thing is a joke. I wouldnt suggest anyone to go there.
    BTW. The facewash is CVS brand.