Pomp And New Circumstances

As college graduation kicks into high gear, this caught my eye:

Malia Wong

Davidson College graduate Malia Wong — a Staples Class of 2007 alum — has earned a Fulbright grant.  She heads to Sir Lanka soon, as an English teaching assistant.

She’s following up on a junior semester in  India, during which she taught English to her host sisters.  A psychology major and economics minor, Malia lived in southernmost Tamil Nadu, where virtually no one spoke English.

That experience inspired her to apply for a Fulbright — and her familiarity with the Tamil language gave her an edge. 

In Sri Lanka Malia will gain valuable global experience, before beginning her professional life.  She hopes for a career in international marketing.

Next month — 4 years after Malia graduated from Staples — another class  gathers in the fieldhouse.  They’ll receive high school diplomas, hear platitudes about heading into the “real world,” then march off to college, work or the military — having no clue what lies ahead.

Four years from now, they may be closer to figuring out their lives.  Malia sure seems to.

So “06880” wonders:  What’s happened to the Staples Class of 2007?  As many graduate from college, what are their plans?  Did high school help prepare them for the next step?  Did they reach their goals, or meet their expectations?  What challenges did they face?

And — the $64,000 (okay, $200,000) question:  What’s next?

If you’re a member of the Staples Class of ’07, click “Comments” to tell us where you go from here.  And how, and why.

Your hometown wants to know.  We care!

8 responses to “Pomp And New Circumstances

  1. Bedford and Staples Teacher

    Wow! Great kid + great parents = what an accomplishment! Congratulations to all.

  2. Great job Malia! We knew you when…..

  3. The Armour Family

    Amazing job Malia !!! and kudos to you,Barb and Dennis, for supporting her along the way. We look forward to hearing about your experience.

  4. The Dude Abides

    Congrats to Malia. Remarkable. To answer your question, Professor, according the infamous “Twentysomething Magazine”, 85% of college graduates will be moving HOME after graduation. Another survey at the University of North Carolina (where only 8% responded), 57% had a job lined up, 36% were going to graduate school, 3% were unemployed and 1% were working part time. Considering that my daughter just graduated from SMU Law and announced it was time to start a family, it is nice to read of Malia’s determination in a generation of grass hoppers.

  5. Props to Malia and her supportive parents.

  6. Malia..Congratulations, you just amaze me more and more each day. I’m so very proud of you; and grateful to Barbara and Dennis for sharing so much of you with me.

  7. Hey Malia!
    Wow! We are both so happy for and so proud of you. You are on your way to great things! We would love you to give a presentation to the Westport Sunrise Rotary when you return. Travel safe. Best always, Susan & Joe Hawley

  8. The Wong Family of NC

    What a wonderful achievement! Congratulations!