All About “Art About Town”

If you weren’t at this evening’s Art About Town event — the street festival kickoff for a display of intriguing artwork in downtown store windows — here’s what you missed:

Leonardo da Vinci, Mona Lisa -- we think -- and friends.

No, it's not a piazza in Rome. This is dining alfresco, in front of Bobby Q's. Blue Lemon and Michele's Pies also sold food on the street.

Just another day on Main Street.

Peter Rubino sculpted Beethoven -- to the tune of his "5th Symphony." For a video of the performance, click the YouTube arrrow below.

5 responses to “All About “Art About Town”

  1. William Shakespeare? My guess would be Leonardo Da Vinci and Mona Lisa.

  2. Of course it is. I’m an idiot. I have changed the caption. THANKS!

  3. mary ruggiero

    This event gives us somewhat an idea of how things might be if downtown were made less car and more pedestrian friendly!

    • The Dude Abides

      Hurray Mary for a keen observation. Why people can park in Harding Plaza or by the library and block off Main Street all the time is beyond me. Of course, we live in a culture that cars park themselves and we have automatic toilet flushers. Soft, lazy and fat.

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