Channeling Stevan Dohanos

In 1953, Westport illustrator Stevan Dohanos posed some Camp Mahackeno boys at the wooden bridge, where Poplar Plains Brook runs into the Saugatuck River.

The result was a classic Saturday Evening Post cover.

This afternoon  — 58 years later — Westport Y officials gathered some Water Rat swim team members at the same spot.

A few things were different — there’s no totem pole, but there are girls and safety railings — yet much remained the same.

The kids loved the watermelon.  The trees and rocks haven’t moved.  There’s still no mountain in the background (Dohanos’ artistic license).

(Photo/Miggs Burroughs)

The photo will be used as part of the Y’s fundraising campaign.  And although the new Y will be built just a few yards from where the 1953 cover was drawn — and the 2011 photo taken — the brook and river will remain.

Hopefully they’ll look the same in 2069 — 58 years from now.

(The August 1, 1953 Saturday Evening Post cover is courtesy of Peter Prigge — a Mahackeno camper who posed for Dohanos’ illustration.)

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  1. Elihu Smails

    Tragically he passed away in 1994 while windsurfing off Darien’s Weed Beach

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