The “Class” Of ’76

Staples’ Class of 1976 celebrates its 35th reunion this summer.

Shake your booty!

But they want to do more than meet old friends, reminisce about when the drinking age was 18, and listen to KC & the Sunshine Band.

They plan to give something back to the town they grew up in.

The idea is to collect a small amount — say, $10 — from each attendee.  And from those who can’t make it back, but want to help.  If half the class donates, they’ll raise $3,000.

Who will they give it to?  They’re taking a poll.

They’ve got 10 very worthy nominees so far.  Most are local organizations:

  • Staples Tuition Grants
  • Homes With Hope
  • Project Return
  • A Better Chance of Westport
  • Near & Far Aid
  • Save the Children
  • Project Choice
  • Westport Humane Society
  • Scholarship America
  • Hole in the Wall Gang

By June 1, they hope to settle on a “Charity of Choice” for the Class of ’76.

That’s the spirit!

5 responses to “The “Class” Of ’76

  1. Dan, thanks for picking up on this. We had a big groundswell after the last reunion (30th) and we wanted to make something good come of it. We will let you know how we do. Hope to see you that weekend. Bill

  2. What a great idea. Maybe you should suggest this to the “Class” of ’71 organizers for our reunion, Dan.

  3. Dan thank you very much for this post! It was a great class and I am sure it will prove to be a generous one as well.

  4. The Dude Abides

    I do believe that the class of ’76 was the last undefeated football season and also the class of Brian Claar who went on to be rookie of the year on the PGA Tour in ’86 and of course, the infamous Timmy Romano. I vote ABC House.